Season 2 Episode 1

Red Rain

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2011 on ABC

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  • A great return.

    This really was a great premire for V, there was more action and chracter interaction in this episode then there was for nearly all of season 1 which hopefully is a sign of great things to come, This eposode mostly focused around the after math of Red sky with people becoming angry at the V's and more and more people protesting agines them which i though was exciting as it showed that v was evoling and that people no longer believed in anna's peace, i also liked Erica's personal story discovering that the v's may have of experiented on her when she was pregnant i also enjoyed lisa's personal dilemma as she begin to see hoe evil her mother really is, but once agian the best part about v and this episode was Anna and she was as evil as ever in this episode killing that v with her lizard tail was super cool i hope we see more of that in weeks to come. However Red rain wasnt all good i felt the end of the episode with anna taking away red sky and telling everyone she did it to save the plant was abit of an anti climax , i just hope that protest agianest the v's continue and the momentum the show has got going dosnt fizzling back down V is improving and lets hope it continues.

    P.S Kick ass ending cannot wait until next week !!!!