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  • What is wrong with people these days. Everyone is being so picky!!! It seems people hate good scripted shows and people want crappy scripted shows. First it was firefly, terminator the sarah conner chronicles, then V might be next! Come on people relax!

    The heck with good scripted shows and just have fake reality tv all day. Come one people stop hating on it and comparing it to the original. The show isn't slow by any means. They need to tell the story for the people that never watch the original. It can't be fast paced all the dang time. I'm tired of the shows that i like being canceled. Let's american idol type shows dominate or fake CSI dominate. Hell, to hell with syfy shows altogether. That show is slow, but yet people watches it all the time. Come i'm a huge syfy fan and i'm tired of my syfy shows getting cancel because people wants to complain so much. Startrek get's canceled, caprica is on the chopping block. Well I guess it's going to be semi-scripted reality shows taking over. And people most if not all reality shows arent' reality. Only the ignorant people thinks it's real. It seems people that watch syfy shows complained the most. No wonder shows like american idol dominates. Before we know it there won't be any good scripted syfy shows pretty soon. God I hope fringe will last more than 3 seasons.