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  • Two or ten season, it doesn't matter.

    I have seen one or two episode of V and I'll continue from the start to the end of the whole serie, two season or more ONLY if ABC will give a ending without any cliffhanger. As ERICAEDWIN also said a lot of other good serie have been canceled, and there is more. Don't forget Invasion, Witchblade, Surface, Point Pleasant and so on. I and a lot of people have get tired to follow some serie who get canceled.

    There is a lot of new serie who looks of interest, but I don't wanna waste my time of another serie who will get canceled, and an ending after one or ten season with cliffhanger are not of our interest.

    I don't say please cause I don't yet follow V, I only tell if V get an ending who ends the story where aliens or humans have won, I'll then watch the whole serie. Two or ten season, it doesn't matter, just give us a good story without any cliffhanger.

    I've only rated it 8 because I just watch the one episode and like it very well.

    I'll maybe then buy V on bluray too.

    There are maybe too late to continue Surface, but there is still a chance for V.