Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2011 on ABC

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  • Worst Episode of the Series

    The show works so hard to build up credibility and come across as a serious take on the sci-fi genre. Then they go do ridiculous melodramatic tripe like this. The set up for the death of Ty's father could be seen from a mile away. Even in the last moments of this episode I thought there was no chance in hell that they would kill him with such a ludicrous scene. I mean, wow, the shooting in that section so preposterous I may actually stop watching the show. I really couldn't see how to get past the stupidity of this storyline. Add to that Ty's reaction to his mother, which was utterly unrealistic and you have a recipe for a total disaster of an episode. However, the last moments pulled it back by introducing the possibility of a militant resistance. The characters have lost everything and I am intrigued to see how their rage manifests itself in the war against Anna.

    Finally, we all know RYAN IS ALIVE.
  • "V: Siege" in Five Minutes: Because even the best episode of V is subject to ridicule.


    Chad: Marcus got shot, so I call for civility.
    Newshound Carrie: And I'm siding with the "climate of hate" crowd. So there.

    Erica: We flubbed last week's assassination, and now we're all screwed.
    Eli: Wanna take it out on Ryan?
    Erica: Sorta.

    Ryan: Hi, Anna. Let me guess: "Infiltrate Fifth Column, yada-yada."
    Anna: Nah. Kill Eli.
    Ryan: This mood swing of yours will seriously set back our infiltration effort, and hamper our plans.
    Anna: I gotta be me.
    Freak Baby: Yada-yada! *giggle!*

    Old Priest: Here's a written order from the Vatican.
    Jack: Laser printer?! They sent something from a laser printer?!
    Old Priest: You're out. Surrender your badge and sidear-- er, your collar, I mean.
    Jack: Really, it's THE VATICAN. I was expecting gold leaf and illuminations and sh*t.

    Eli: Ooo, Ryan! You are SO captured!
    Ryan: Eep!

    Tracker-V: [sniff sniff sniff] SQUIRREL!
    FBI: Good Tracker!

    Erica: Ryan, dearie ... why did you betray us?!
    Ryan: For reasons that don't make a damn bit of sense.
    Erica: No! I ... I can't believe that!
    Ryan: I can prove it by telling you that they tracked me here, and now you're all doomed!
    Eli: He's right, Erica! It DID make no damn sense for him to reveal that!
    Erica: Okay, the FBI's got us surrounded now. Don't hurt anyone, and beat me up.

    Chad: ... And in conclusion, a hostage crisis is TV news catnip. I'm Chad Decker.
    Agent Chris: Hey, there's Erica as a hostage!
    FBI Chief: She's a known collaborator. Do you suspect she's playing us?
    Agent Chris: No way. Look, she got punched in the face. That proves it.

    Thomas: The day is only 1/3 over, and it's already exciting.
    Anna: We'll use this situation to kill both of Tyler's parents, for Tyler is VITAL to our plans!
    Thomas: Uh, just last week, you said Tyl--
    Anna: VITAL! Lisa, go snag your boyfriend!
    Lisa: Yes'm!

    Tyler: Two-parents-again, tra-la-la, happy-happ--
    TV: News Flash: Erica Evans is totally a hostage.
    Joe: Bummer!

    Erica: [phone] Hi, FBI. The terrorists' one demand is that the crisis be stretched out to 10:00 pm EST. [click] Eli, how's your preposterous escape plan coming along?
    Eli: Dandy!

    Thomas: Here's a 3D view of the hostage building.
    FBI Chief: Nifty! Agent Chris, drop this important operation and go hand-hold Erica's estranged husband.
    Agent Chris: Meh, I'll task it to Agent ... uh, what's your name again?
    Agent V: Don't worry, I'm on it.

    Agent V: Hi, Joe. I'm here to reassure you, but mainly to abandon these sensitive files. Bye!
    Joe: Maps of the hostage building! Golly!

    Eli: Our family photos rock, Erica.
    Erica: I wish I could see Joe right now.
    Joe: Hi-dee-ho, y'all!
    Eli: Hey, you got in! Which means the way out is a trap!
    Erica: Wow, we're smart all of a sudden!
    Eli: Live it up, it won't last.

    Tyler: I'm going to the hostage building, for some-reason-or-other.
    Lisa: Eep!

    Thomas: All the pieces are in place.
    Anna: And now Hobbes, who's in cahoots with Marcus, will kill them all!
    Thomas: Wow, I was wondering if that plot point would come up!

    Erica: They're preparing to kill us.
    Eli: Okay, I texted my bomb-vested sleepers, to un-focus the crisis.
    Erica: What?! You suck! I hate you!
    Eli: That's why you must lead the resistance after I'm dead.
    Erica: Well, that's--!! Uh, that kinda makes sense. And it was moving, too.
    Eli: Spooky sensations, eh?

    Jack: [phone] Hi, Hobbes, am I still relevant?
    Hobbes: Were you ever? [click]
    Thomas: Hello, Hobbes, I'm the new Marcus. We've got your beloved. Here's a detonator, which I could push myself. Here's my turtleneck. That is all.

    Agent Chris: Jack, you creep! I'm gonna smack you 'round, and then-- uh, why are you crying?
    Jack: *sob!* You think-- you think I'm ... relevant! *sob!*

    Erica: You screwed us over, Ryan. You die now.
    Eli: B'bye, fake hostages.
    Joe: Quick smooch before we go, Erica?
    Erica: Just a quick one. After all, we've got the rest of our lives to--
    Eli: Enough foreshadowing, you two! Skedaddle!

    Thomas: My queen, half this season's effects budget is at your disposal.
    Anna: Dispose away.
    Joe: Erk!
    Erica: NO! Not a Boromir death!
    Tyler: Saddy-sad!
    Agent Chris: Such a moving family tableau means we have to cancel our investigation into Erica Evans.
    FBI Chief: Obviously.

    Anna: Hi, Mom. I destroyed Fifth Column, and now, I'm back to destroying ... the human soul!
    Diana: Sweetie, the episode was going so well. Did you have to dredge up the S-word?
    Anna: Bah! I'm outta here!
    Lisa: And I'm in. *GASP!* Granny, in a dungeon, in a fabulous frock! What a Charlotte Bronte-esque plot twist!

    Tyler: Mom, I demand a departure scene worthy of a Mexican telenovella!
    Erica: *SOB!* Don't leave me now!! [SLAP]
    Audience: Yay!

    Jack: Erica, I'm so--
    Erica: Hush, you're irrelevant. I'm in charge of a global terrorist network now, and I'm going to kick ass!
    Jack, Chad, Hobbes: Cooool!


  • most intense episode of the series so far! SPOILERS

    What an intense an unexpected episode this was! The end of it marks the beginning of a completely new chapter for the 5th column and the series in general. With Tyler's dad gone and his recent fight with Erica, he now turns to Anna and the V's for salvation. For the very same reason Erica is finally ready to unleash the beast and wage war on the V's. Even Jack is ready to be soldier again.. Holy crap!

    It was unclear what happened to Ryan after the whole fiasco but something tells me he's definitely not dead.. I have a feeling this sudden turn of events will be a game changer for him..

  • Siege

    Siege was a perfect and defining episode of V. This episode starts in motion a whole new game for every one on the board. As Ryan is captured and questioned, Erica tries to have some quality family time, and Jack receives some news from the Vatican that will change the course of his life. I thought it was very interesting how Anna manuevered Ryan and Hobbes. This episode had a lot of character and plot development, suspensful action and drama. Erica plays her part well after figuring out she is suspected of working with the 5th coloumn. This episode played out perfectly! It was sad to see what happened to Tylers father, but this is what changes things for him as he prepares to live on the Mothership. Erica has inherited leadership of the 5th column and makes decides its time to take this fight up a few knotches. Lisa discovers that Anna has been keeping a secret from her, that her grandmother Diana is alive. I only wish there was more to that scene. This episode should should really hook viewers on the fence. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Excellent, FINALLY!

    I was a little sceptical of the team the showrunners had put together, but it's clear in this episode that they had it right.

    This episode was defining for the series. The emotional turmoil in the characters finally reaches a boiling point and they are no longer satisfied to be a passive resistance, but now an aggressive resistance.

    The destruction of Erica's family and Jack losing his collar have armored them against the realities of war, innocents die. Now's time to fight the Russians no matter the cost.

    Lisa finally means Badler in the dungeon and an alliance is forged -- good to see the old queen back. She defined 'eating rats'.
  • Best episode of the season; and perhaps the show. MINOR SPOILERS

    This has got to be, in my opinion, one of the best episodes in Season 2, perhaps even Season 1! The producers added more action, more suspense, and more emotional intensity in this episode than the rest of the show combined. The Fifth Column underwent a massive transformation after having Eli Cone involved. After this episode, Erica Evans takes her newly leaded fifth column to the offensive; one of the main differences in the show now since this episode. I feel that the rest of the show will undergo a major change since3 this episode. This has been a major turning point for the rest of the show.
  • Best episode of the series.

    Easily the best episode of the series, I almost gave up watching V after season 1, but season 2 had much improve plots and better acting. This episode neraly having all, all the drama and twist that link from previous episode. Definite worth to rewatch this episode again. Can't wait for the new episode and seem what it unfold. Beginning to the end of the episode is very well script. Nothing was wasted and several suprise plot unveil. I though this episode is mostly deal with human and not much of the V. I miss like a minutes from dvr recording,t his ep cleraly pass the usual schedule hour.
  • Exciting..........

    Siege was actually an exciting fast paced episode of V which had lots of action and great chracter moments. The death of tyler's father may have been abit predictable but that didnt stop the moment being dramatic and emotional, This episode really was an important one for erica as she begins to lose her humanity and her son. This episode really showed what a good actress Elizabeth mitchell can be and i was very impressed.
    I was glad to see that Lisa has fianlly meat Diana im excited to see what she is planning to take down Anna, Overall a great episode!!!!!!!
  • FInally, a game-changing episode

    Color me impressed. Coming into this episode, I had given up on the possibility of "V" surprising me in a good way. The Visitors had been prominent for so long, and the human characters so deeply reactive, that it just didn't seem like there was any way for them to change things. And yet, here we are, staring at the culmination of all the slow but steady plot threads since the second season premiere.

    I must give kudos to the writing staff for paving the way to a potential series-saving paradigm shift in such a subtle manner. They made Erica's shift from sidelined, ineffective secret resistance member to worldwide Resistance leader make a lot of sense, both on a personal and technical level. And they managed to address her previous missteps in the process, clearing the slate. Her vow to move from reactive to proactive in the fight is exactly what the human side of the equation needed.

    That also meant getting Father Landry into a more active role and ramping up the morality questions within the Resistance itself. With Lisa on their side and gaining self-assurance, preparing to challenge her mother, the Resistance might actually start getting as interesting as the Visitors for the first time since the series began. It all comes down to the execution during these next four episodes.

    One big difference in this episode was the presentation of the violent showdown, and the planning behind the scenes that went into it. Anna got what she wanted in terms of Tyler (and really, she can have him), but she overplayed her hand in trying to wipe out Erica and Joe. The intensity of the situation was far and above anything on the series to this point, right down to the perfect editing of the shootout in the final act. I almost thought that the channel had changed; that's how different, more visceral, it felt compared to past episodes.

    Of course, the trick will be following up on this massive shift in the story with a resolution to the season arc that matches the same level of excellence. While I give the writers credit for preparing for this moment without tipping their hand, all my criticisms of the character beats leading to this point remain. Many of them, along with the plot elements related to them, didn't make sense.

    And there's also the question of whether this shift is too little, too late. The series has already lost much of its momentum, and it hasn't exactly been dominating its timeslot in the ratings. As a short mid-season replacement in the ABC schedule, it fills its niche, but I can easily see the network looking at other potential new shows serving the same programming purpose. So as much as I applaud this episode and what it accomplishes for the series, I have my doubts as to whether it will be the game-changer for the series it was clearly designed to be.
  • 2/15

    A very exciting episode here of V, a show that one week can be very good, and the next very boring. When the show is at its best it focuses on the war, between the people and the fifth column, and the rebels and the visitors. We had plenty of action tonight, and we got reassured that Marcus is willing to sell out his squad here for Sara. The original mini-series thrived on this action and that is why it is so revered.

    Not a lot of stuff with Anna today which upset me, but this was a necessary episode for the progression of the show.
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