Season 1 Episode 2

There Is No Normal Anymore

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

Erica Evans tries to call 911 after being attacked in a warehouse with Father Jack. They are followed by a Seeker, so she beats it up with a baseball bat. Dale's disappearance is investigated so Erica lies about him being a traitor. The FBI search the warehouse that Erica and Dale were at in the previous episode. Erica managed to steal her badge and gun out of Dale's car before anyone else could search the vehicle. Father Jack gives photos to a FBI agent about a dead murder victim that was found in his church, and Erica gets angry at him. Erica learns that Dale called a phone number frequently, and the number Dale called was dead end by design. The number may be untraceable, but there is a pattern that the FBI can trace.
Erica tries to convince Tyler to stay away from the V's. Tyler joins the Visitors Youth Ambassador program in secret and he's fallen for Lisa, who flirts with Tyler but gets upset when he resorts to physical violence to stop a protester.
Chad sets up a debate on the pros and cons of supporting the Vs on the news. When he visits Anna on the mothership, he explains that he did the V's a favor by making people feel comfortable with the idea of embracing diplomatic relations with the V. He says that he can't control what the government does, but he can and do influence public opinion. He says he did this to help the V's, and it's working. Chad says that this time, it's a freebie, but the next time the V's want his help, it would be on Chad's terms. The news reports that the United States government has given diplomatic status to the Vs and allowed some of them to obtain visas and travel openly among the American public.
Ryan is advised be a fellow rebel V to break up with his girlfriend, but then he is drugged.
A man, who was in the warehouse in the previous episode, survived the attack on the warehouse and is being interrogated by the V's because the V's want to know the names of the other rebels.