Season 1 Episode 2

There Is No Normal Anymore

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2009 on ABC

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    Erica and Father Jack find themselves being tracked by a "Seeker" from the V's. Meanwhile, Chad, thinking his last interview with Anna didn't go so well, tries to be more investigative on his next newscast. I love V. It's more evident that despite their best efforts the atheists are losing the war to win the hearts and minds of the people. V is absolutely loaded with religious themes and imagery asking the big questions about the meaning of life and what our values are. Of course the atheists will say that V's employment of religious themes and imagery is simply evidence of the ignorance of the masses. But one has to make a case for that. Not simply assume it over and over again until it's accepted as gospel truth. Watch V and make up your own mind.

  • There Is No Normal Anymore

    There Is No Normal Anymore was a perfect follow up to the pilot episode of V the 2009 version of the series. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Erica and Father Jack are torn about what just happened to them. We learned more about the V's and how much control they have. I thought the suspense was fun, and watching Erica hold her own against a panel of questioning, and demands from her boss, she plays her cards just right and makes a great character. I think Tyler and Lisa had some interesting interactions and wonder where that will lead. I thought Chad Decker was awesome in this episode as he challenged Anna's will while helping her at the same time, making him more valuable to her. I look forward to more!!!!!!!
  • 'There is No Normal Anymore' isn't a bad episode as such, it's just rather uninspiring.

    V treads water this week, relying on a number of fairly bog-standard narrative tropes to keep the arc plot chugging along rather than soaring ahead. While Scott Wolf continues to be excellent as put-upon anchorman Chad Decker, his attack of journalistic integrity is predictably written: his solution to the problem of Anna's insistent censorship is far too easily orchestrated, conveniently tied up in a neat little bow by episode's end. It would be nice if this was a little less black and white; if things weren't so quickly resolved, as they aren't in that lovely little thing we call real life. It wouldn't hurt to make a few braver decisions guys; in fact, your audience would probably appreciate you more for it. They are trying though - the fact that the Visitors aren't all duplicitous no-gooders with sinister intent is certainly commendable, ensuring that the show avoids becoming trapped in an all-too-simplistic binary opposition. So Vs can have a conscience too, as demonstrated by Morris Chestnut's Ryan Nichols, whose quest to round up those that sympathise less with stone cold Anna and more with, well, humankind is at least somewhat interesting thanks to its penchant for withholding information, for offering oblique references to 'resistance' minutiae but rarely explaining them. Unfortunately, it's also a little lazy; it's obvious from the get go that his contact is going to pull the wool over his eyes... well, how else could the writers drag the storyline out over more than episodes than it's really worth?

    Elsewhere, Elizabeth Mitchell and Joel Gretsch continue their joint quest to form some sort of resistance, but the story ends up just running around in circles and not really going anywhere. Sure, there's some noteworthy fallout from last week's revelation about Dale but it ultimately amounts to a list of phone numbers which, frankly, after twenty-five minutes of chin stroking, feels somewhat disappointing. Alan Tudyk's reappearance at hour's end can't salvage it either, since the very fact of the narrative's prominent focus on his character is a massive giveaway that the show isn't done with him. And then there's Tyler's story, which reads like a fourteen year old's attempt at dramatic plot structure: boy likes girl, girl likes boy, girl contrives a situation so that they spend time together, boy and girl flirt, boy tries to impress girl with his prowess, girl is decidedly unimpressed, conflict ensues. Yup, haven't seen that one before. The fact that Tyler will go just that one step too far is a given from the moment we see his Peace Ambassador initiation contrasted with the unruly protesters outside, and it's bloody irritating. As if the whole storyline didn't feel uninteresting enough in concept, now we have to endure the weepy, brooding youngster trying desperately to win back the affections of the girl he met about five minutes ago but already knows he's madly in love with. Yawn. Just get him to take off his clothes please, that'd be far more interesting.

    'There is No Normal Anymore' isn't a bad episode as such, it's just rather uninspiring. The arc plot doesn't really go anywhere and the material that we're given fails to disguise the fact that it's just stalling for time. After being treated to a plethora of alien invasion/exposition TV shows and movies in the last decade, we're used to the sort of beats that are on offer here. We need something that genuinely surprises to keep our attention and sadly, at the moment, V seems content to rest squarely on its laurels.
  • Shaping up nicely!

    I loved the second installment. It seems there are some negative reviews, but I have no negative feelings about this ep whatsover. It nicely picked up from ep one, and immersed us in the 'new reality' of life with the visitors. The excellent casting continues to go a long way toward viewing enjoyment, and the plot thickened at a nice speed. I don't know why some folks say it went slow - there were lots of tense moments - e..g, when the flying thing chased Erica and Father Jack from the phone booth, when Erica's partner Dale was officially declared missing and she got the third degree, when Ryan gets drugged by that other visitor... and through it all I'm just so happy and contented to have Joel Gretsch (Father Jack) back in a series again - I just love that guy!
  • you're unbelievably ????

    are you serious, what the hell is wrong with you guys??? its the second episode of the season, i read some reviews and someone said "nothing happen, its boring and i slept the whole episode" what the hell??!! watch the season at least before you judge, a lot of good shows are getting cancelled because of this.

    its just the 2nd episode??? unbelievable????
    for me i liked the show, the plot, and the characters, and i like were the show is going. we'll see action and a lot of action, i liked Anna, a pretty face from the outside and im guessing a devil from the inside. all what i am saying is that we haven't seen anything of the show yet, just give it a try.
  • Boring and slow.

    Pilot told us a lot (too much). And this episode they cut down on the speed so I started to sleep in the middle. I later came back and not much had happen. Is that good? Same thing over and over again. Very boring.

    Some actors are doing ok and others are very bad and need to be killed or leave the show in some other way.

    This new re-make have changed V into something else. The Nazi plot is gone, the evil Visitors are gone, the action, the fight, nothing.

    Again not much happens in this episode. Visitors keep using the big screen and still trying to use the media as a weapon... Tyler doing his thing for the V's and so on.

    Boring show. I hope they pull the plug after 4 epsidoe. Or kick the writer (yes even if it's the same as the Old V).
  • Slow but picking up the pace..

    This episode was much slower than the pilot and I am still not sure what they are going to. I mean, i have the idea that there will be the resistance but so far, those two episodes have not given us, I think, the major storylines. I am quite sure where Chad Decker storyline is going.. where Erica's son storyline is going.. but where is Erica's storyline going.. I am not sure.

    I think they could have had more story developments but there were quite many exciting things. I mean, the way that peace-ambassador thing is working out for Erica's son and how that priest just cannot get that when it means, not trusting noone, that means, noone. So.. there were good parts, some that can be improved but I am still eager to see next episode.
  • Disappointing.

    After such a strong series premiere I cannot believe this show could get so boring, so fast. There were no intense alien versus human battles, there were no really exciting confrontations, there was simply foreshadowing. This is sort of the problem Dollhouse had. They had to have so many episodes to build up things that they just lost the interest of a lot of viewers along the way. When you factor in that this show is going on a hiatus after just two more installments you have to wonder if the show is going to be able to keep viewer interest up. Anna better unleash hell on somebody in the next few episodes or I might stop watching.

    This was a fun show regarding alien interactions, and unlike vampires, this hasn't been done in awhile. Let's just hope they can turn things around next week.
  • Disappointing

    Remake usually doesn't live up to the original and this series continue to prove it

    This series is getting worse it seems, everything looks so unreal for a invasion threat there is absolutely no tension whatsoever. Even if the visitors had infiltrated high posts still the way they are getting more freedom to do what they please is so easy. Another thing I do not understand if they already here hiding among us there were no need to reveal themselves now whatever they came to do they could have done it without anyone suspecting a thing. So this charade is pretty not necessary.
  • As the V are attempting to normalize relations with the various Earth governments people who know the truth are trying to figure out who they can and can't trust. Newsmen Chad Decker plays a game of Russian Roulette with the V trying to outsmart them.

    Unfortunately it looks like they are going to follow the story pretty much as originally told. I was hoping if they updated the technology they might update the story. This is truly a David versus Goliath type story. The chances of a hand full of people resisting the V when the governments that represent them are caving left and right is impossible.

    Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Erica Evans besides being stunning with brilliant blue eyes is an excellent actress and the best thing about this production. Joel Gretsch as Father Jack Landry is also very believable as the priest who wants to do the right thing but is searching to see what that is. The other notable character so far is Morris Chestnut who plays Ryan Nichols a V who understands what is happening and realizes he needs to do the right thing. All three of these people have depth and are being developed into more multi-dimensional characters. I give this story an eight based on the predominance of these characters on the screen.

    Unfortunately the majority of the rest of the cast is rather two dimensional. The most anticipated of these Morena Baccarin of Firefly fame who plays Anna will pretty much come across as the ultimate two dimensional character if they follow the same design as the first version of this show.

    From this point on most will play who's a V game as they are watching the show. It will be interesting to see how close to the original this series will be. The first one was excellent and deserved the praise it received. Unfortunately a retread will not be acceptable. Thanks for reading...
  • this was a good follow up episode. After the frantic pilot this episode was more steady.

    there was alot to like about this ep. The actors got to stretch out their acting muscles and carry the story. It was fun to watch. The overall feel was of a show that had begun to tell the story. The pilot was designed to grab your attention, but not really advance the story. Now the story really begins.

    My main concern is that we didn't actually learn much about the individuals. Aside from morris chestnuts character we didn't learn anything new. On any other series this wouldn't be a major concern, but with ABC doing this show in 4 episode blocks (or chapters) this makes it hard to build a following.

    I hope the priest isn't going to be the show idiot. On the original it was the priest who did the truly stupid. His going to the F.B.I. was almost the dumbest thing I've seen since knight rider.

    I'm still not sure where they want to go with the Vandervoort character, but I don't think they have a clue either.
  • Definitely not as strong as the Pilot, but proves it's good at balancing its plots and characters.

    I knew it was inevitable that the follow-up to the excellent pilot episode would fall a bit short. However, I am impressed at the shows ability to balance out each storyline, as well as focusing as much as they can on each character without focusing too much on one or two people. Flashforward has the problem of having way too many plots and not enough time in one episode to focus on them, while Lost will go a few episodes without having an episode with certain cast members. V, however, had a little bit of everything without it being overwhelming.

    I'm really liking the dynamic between Erica and Father Landry. They're two people who have much different backgrounds, but similar intents: they both have seen what the Visitors are capable of and want to fight back against them. Also, having us following a Visitor, such as the character Ryan, makes things a lot more interesting. I hope they expand more on his past and reveal more about him. As for the plot with Tyler, I'm not sure how much I care about that, but whatever.. I'm sure it'll lead towards something eventually.

    The problem I have with Flashforward is how lackluster some of the episodes are. And while some may say this episode of V was lackluster, it made up for it with some tense moments, interesting character development and one hell of an ending. I wish that the showrunners wouldn't put this show on hiatus until March. I have a bad feeling it'll completely kill whatever fanbase it's built up by now. But who knows, maybe the TV watching world will have patience.

    Either way, V is proving to be a fun show. Probably not one of the best dramas I've seen, but one of the best new ones this season, for sure.