Season 2 Episode 8

Uneasy Lies the Head

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2011 on ABC

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  • "V: Uneasy Lies the Head" in Five Minutes: Honestly, the stuff coming out of these people's mouths ...


    Black Lady Victim: AAAUGH! I dreamed I was Chinese, and a guy turned inside-out!
    Joshua: Cool! We'll take your weird-dream-causing DNA, thank you!

    Fifth Column: Erica, we need a pithy metaphor to guide us.
    Erica: We're going to put a turd in their genetic punchbowl.
    Fifth Column: Good one!

    Joshua: It turns out that WASN'T a dream, and one of our test subjects in Beijing DID turn inside-out.
    Anna: Excellent. Another opportunity to obsess over Tyler, Lisa, Mendoza and my queen-egg-blob.
    Joshua: You left out Freak Girlie.
    Anna: With so many nefarious plans, a girl loses count.

    Anna: Oh, come ON, Lisa! "Get it on with a Spaniard" is a hurdle that's six inches high!
    Lisa: Nine inches, I'm hoping.
    Thomas: Anna, there's a problem with a little-girl live-aboard named Jennifer. Her mom's cranky.
    Anna: Persuade her.
    Thomas: I have tried, but, alas, the power of the turtleneck has its limits.

    Erica: We're breaking into the supervirus lab. And Sid's coming.
    Sid: *gulp!*
    Erica: Wear something red.

    Jennifer's Mom: I have misgivings about your live-aboard program.
    Anna: No worries! There's a Freak Girlie here for Jennifer to play with.
    Jennifer's Mom: Actually, I was worried by the repeated use of the word "nefarious" in the Live-Aboard Brochure.

    Ryan: I WUV you, Freak Girlie!
    V Guard: Ryan, your visitation time is over ... perrrrrrmanently! Mwuh-ha-ha-haaaa!
    Ryan: Way to telegraph, chump! [SMACK!] [DISARM!]
    V Guard: [POOF!]
    Ryan: And now Joshua: Cure Freak Girlie of her agonizing pain.
    Joshua: Would if I cared.
    Ryan: You've forgotten who you are. A punch in the nose will restore your human emotions.
    Joshua: Such pain!
    Ryan: See? It worked.

    Erica: Here we are at the supervirus lab. Let's get this stealthy operation going.
    Erica: Hooray! Success!
    Sid: I can't believe I lived through that!
    Erica: Yeah, I'm a little shocked myself.
    Jack: I've got moral objections.
    Erica: Jack, you've got just one note to play, but you play it.
    Jack: You mean, "but you play it well."
    Erica: No, what I said.

    Thomas: My queen, we can't find Ryan anywhere on this ship.
    Anna: We can SEE heartbeats! Why is this so f*cking hard?!

    Mendoza: Hello again!
    Lisa: What sort of accent IS that?! Oh, never mind! [SMOOCH!]
    Tyler: You there! Smooching my girl! I'm gonna punch your face inside-out!
    Mendoza: [SPLURP!]

    Chad: Here's the list of new live-aboards to infect with the supervirus.
    Jack: And here are those same moral objections.
    Erica: In the Army, when they gave you an order, what did you do?
    Jack: They never gave me orders. Even back then, I had a relevance problem.

    Hobbes: There's our target, and I've poisoned his coffee.
    Erica: Your ruthlessness is such a turn-on.

    Joshua: That inside-out thing is incurable.
    Anna: Cure it.
    Joshua: Will do.

    Tyler: You, smooching a Spaniard?! What the hell, girl?!
    Lisa: Oh, think it through! At this point, you're such an ignoramus, it's directly impacting the plot.
    Tyler: Oh, Lisa! There's so much inside me that I want to show you.
    Lisa: If they can't cure this this thing, I'm sure you will. 'til then, buzz off, Pugsley.

    Joshua: This newbie has a virus.
    Anna: Let's overreact. Killing all the newbies will tip our hand.
    Joshua: That's my girl!

    Ryan: Lisa, help me spring my daughter.
    Lisa: Let's go down to the dungeon, for some reason.
    Ryan: *gasp!* The prior queen!
    Diana: *ahem* Bliss. Rescue. Valuable on the ground. Hybrids.
    Ryan: We've heard all this before.
    Diana: Invisible escape pod. That's something new.

    Chad on TV: Good evening. Tonight's headline: Fifth Column totally muffed it.
    Fifth Column: Did any good come out of this?
    Erica: Of course. Our organization, which thrives on secrecy, has gotten lots of publicity!
    Fifth Column: Cool. What's our bold, new course of action?
    Erica: TBA.
    Jack: Whine, whine, whine.
    Erica: That brow of yours is always creased. Is that a makeup effect?

    Ryan: Goodbye, Freak Girlie. I'd rescue you if I had even a whiff of character consistency.
    Not-Invisible Escape Pod: [WHOOSH!]

    Anna: Thomas, even though you couldn't find a known fugitive aboard this ship you live on, I want you to track down the mysterious, new Fifth Column leader, who could be anywhere on the planet.
    Thomas: Piece o' cake.

    Diana: Success, blah-blah-blah. Emotions, blah-blah-blah. Weakness, strength-- *cough!*
    Lisa: I'll go tell Marcus. Evidently, he lives for this sort of blather.

    Hobbes: Hi. I'm Australian, and I have booze.
    Erica: Works for me! [SMOOCH!] [UNDRESS!]
    Hobbes: Wow, spectacular t*ts!
    Erica: Thanks!
    Hobbes: I meant mine.

    Joshua: My queen, you requested ... a low-key ending this week?
    Anna: Yes. Cure Tyler here of the inside-out-iness.
    Audience: Booooo!!


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