Season 1 Episode 8

We Can't Win

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2010 on ABC

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  • We Can't Win

    After I pretty harshly trashed alst week's episode, V delivered an interesting hour of television. I think this might be a one season and done show, like so many of ABC's dramas, but with the way things progessed tonight we might actually get somewhat of a conclusion in the coming weeks.

    Right now the show needs to make the action scenes and the shootouts more meaningful. It seems like every time things get a little bit boring, they have a random gunfight. Not that these are not exciting, but the violence needs to mean something. I want to see some huge battle between the V's and The Fifth Column and hopefully that comes up soon.
  • We Can't Win

    We Can't Win was a really great episode of V as Anna uses tragedy to force herself upon a worldwide summit in order to present the gift of Blue Energy. Meanwhile Ryan is still trying to find Val who ended up going to a V healing center. He rescues her just after her baby's truth is revealed. Erica, Jack and the gang have found a new ally though he gets shot. I really enjoyed watching Joshua try to unravel Lisa's true nature and figure out if she is different than her mother and immune to the Bliss. I thought Lisa and Tyler's rendevous was cool, and the ultimate mile high club. The end of this episode was interesting and I look forward to the next!!!!!
  • What are the V's really up to anyway?

    I am still hung-up over what is Anna's goal on coming to Earth. On one side she's creating a huge army that is going to give the resistance a 1000 defeats but on the other hand she's sharing technology that could take away humanity's biggest problem; the production of clean consistent energy. She wants the humans to become dependent on the Vs yet she also wants to annihilate them (Remember the huge armada of ships headed to Earth?). Usually when you have a black leader (I know this is going to sound controversial but you also know its true), he is always calling the wrong shots, and in the end pays for it with his life yet the Secretary actually raised a very valid point, and live; if they are just visitors, why the need to build human support?

    Chad has now risen it would seem to second in command; always at Anna's side but still trying to be objective. Well at least he guessed one thing right; the visitors are here to stay. So now that he knows this, what is he going to do about it? Will Anna have him killed and replaced with a V lookalike?

    The fifth column is starting to mobilize yet as they do they are getting wiped out. At least Anna's making good on one of her threats. Tyler's just being another stupid 17 year old while his girlfriend Lisa has a problem of her own, and finally Val, who is on the run from Ryan. Poor guy you have to feel sorrie for him. Being a fifth column-er, holding a job, and being a husband. I'd say he's finding the last part very hard, as all men do (just kidding).

    Not a bad episode with some interesting surprises and good action. We know what direction the resistance is heading but the V's intentions still remain a mystery, and I suppose they should for now.
  • Fighting the war they cannot win..

    Mm.. there were some quite interesting turns. I mean.. the whole thing with that V girl and empathy test and she failing it. What a dilemma for Joshua. It's a trap or it's a great change they have but I think they are expecting too much when they think feeling makes her want to turn against her mother.

    Also the whole thing with that computer geek. The scene where they told him to stand and not move.. That was great and I loved the surprise in the end: it was not V who shot.

    And Decker's storyline. I think it will get us closer to truth but.. I am not sure.. what he believes now.
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