Season 1 Episode 5

Welcome to the War

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2010 on ABC

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    Erica finds her life in danger when she's attacked at home; a dangerous new member is recruited for the resistance, as the visitors shore up their defenses; Anna wonders why Chad hasn't followed up on his diagnosed aneurysm; and Ryan's concern grows over Val's "abnormal" pregnancy. Fundamentalism has nothing to do with religion. It can be found in atheism and science and in secular cultures with religious studies with their famed objectivity masking a political agenda to undermine religion and Christianity in particular.

  • V returns

    I am glad that V is back. The show features aliens, mystery and some pretty fun fight scenes. V is at times a bit excessive with the apocalypse, end of the world jargon, but I would be lying if I said that I was not a fan of the program.

    That being said, while this was a good return from hiatus, I do not think this show has the potential to run for 5-6 seasons on TV. It seems like they are really reaching for recurring story arcs (the half alien, half human baby) and I just think the idea of aliens will get dull after a few more weeks.

    This is just my opinion, but unless something major happens soon, I can't see myself lauding this show on a weekly basis after this season concludes.
  • Shape up or get out

    I was glad for the return of the series but this episode is so beyond stupid. They have a dead visitor and doesnt even try to show him to the public and instead gets rid of him. The mother doesn't enforce her parental right to get his son to come with her or go to the media showing the son is being held captive. When he does come home she doesn't take him to another room away from the ears to tell the truth. Most V's dont understand emotions (the daughter) but still they can all interact seamlessly with humans. And so on and on. Big disappointment. This stuff better shape up but with so many flaws I doubt it.
  • Welcome to the War

    Welcome to the War was a superb episode of V because there was a lot of intrigue, character and plot development. We are introduced to Kyle Hobbes whom the V's framed for the R6 Warehouse explosion as he is given a choice by Erica to come with them or be found by the FBI. I really enjoyed the suspense of this epsiode. It was also cool to see more of Anna and she begins the process of creating a new army of soldiers. I enjoyed her scenes in this and only wish we could have seen more! I am curious as to what Anna's ultimate plans are and what her plans for Lisa and Tyler may be. It was funny to see Val having a strange craving. I look forward to more V!!!!!!!
  • After a four month hiatus, V returns in an attempt to finish what it started.

    After a four month hiatus, V returns in an attempt to finish what it started. In case, like me, you had forgotten all about the race of lizard people led by a beautiful but ultimately ruthless Queen, the episode begins with a quick rundown of some of the more important events that occurred previously: * Kyle and his fiancé have [somehow] managed to conceive a cross-species child * Chad Decker is diagnosed by the V's with an imminent aneurysm that he's told will kill him unless he is treated with their technology * A vaccine is being given to people at clinics set up by the V's and it has become apparent that there is something very sinister about it's true purpose * Tyler has become a 'Peace Ambassador' for the V's and Erica discovers that each uniform contains a camera that is constantly monitoring Human activity * The last episode ends with Father Jack being stabbed by a V operative and his life hangs in the balance.

    Now that we are up to speed, the episode maintains pace by landing the viewer into an action sequence where the same V operative that attacked Father Jack, is now in Erica's front room and he is not a happy lizard. As fun as the fight between them is, it does lead to one of the more puzzling scenarios in the series. I wont spoil anything, but something happens after the battle is concluded that had me shouting at my TV. There is a very straightforward way that the resistance team could reveal the V's true identity but do not. It was a glaring inconsistency which was quite unnecessary.

    The episode continues and the fate of Father Jack is revealed along with an interesting reference to the vaccine and the V's motive for offering it. Chad must also come to terms with the idea that he may be near to death and can only be saved by the V's superior technology. It is an interesting premise that basically boils down to a gamble based on trusting the untrustworthy. Even from an audience viewpoint, with knowledge of the V's secret, it is difficult to know whether one would risk doing nothing when their own life may be on the line. This was an excellent way to show Anna's power of manipulation, which she always pursues in a temperate manner, but which is still rather unsettling to both viewer and on-screen characters.

    Tyler begins to spend more time on the mothership and it is implied that there is something that makes the teenager of significance to the V's. This plot line is somewhat frustrating and unconvincing and I find myself wishing Erica would simply grab him by his earlobe and send him to his bedroom. Having said that, it may prove to by an excellent source of intrigue, although I would still rather they just killed him off.

    Maybe most promising, is the introduction of a new character, Kyle Hobbes, a somewhat stereotypical mercenary who may join the resistance in the pursuit of a common enemy. His inclusion could create an excellent dynamic within the somewhat unconventional resistance group and I'm always partial to antihero's who don't mind getting their hands dirty.


    There are several other sub-plots which I have not even touched upon and I'm a little wary that the writers might over commit themselves and lose direction. But the show makes a welcome return and seems to have reasserted itself. Although some characters make strange choices and it is still a little confusing as to why the V's need to gain Human trust before they destroy us, it is still an entertaining watch which promises to get better in the coming weeks. Long live the lizard people!

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  • Lots and lots of question, and a few answers

    I have come to realise that the V's are like a super technologically advanced verison of bees. They have the Queen and her workers who do her bidding, regardless of what the orders may be, and if they dont please her she will have them killed, or even eat them herself! As was promised by the producer, this episode answered a lot of questions, but the answers raised just as many as well. For instance Chad was brought to the Mothership only so he can tell his mother (Agent Erica) its alright he's not going on anywhere. What purpose does that serve? And the Queen's daughter will realise her destiny, which is again what? And she will do with Chad?

    One satisfying answer was what the RC6 chemical the V's were injecting into the humans was for. Apparently its a tracer to keep tabs on all those who have been injected. Again why? Btw, the father gets injected by one as well when he is taken to a V healing center to be treated for his stab wound, which answerd to crucial questions for me: Nobody over there is going to question why they are being injected by the RC6, and they want the humans to trust them by giving them what they normally wouldnt be able to get with thier currently technology. Now here's the other question: Why? (hahaha). Somebody in a previous episode asked that if they want to annihilate us why try to gain our trust first? They have the tech to do that, so what is thier game plan? Other minor plots are: the resistance manages to recruit a dangerous mercenary who for some reason is being framed by the V. Ryan's wife cant stop eating now that she's pregnant and has really wierd cravings, and Anna has sex so can make more soilders :-)
  • V-s are back

    So.. long waited return and I do not know.. I am still wondering.. when will it start.. I mean.. all those episodes feel like they are introduction and soon.. very soon the real story, real action will start. Maybe it is wrong to expect action and deep storytelling.. but so far.. I do not know.. it feels like Lost.. only giving hints, building questions but in the end, leading nowhere..

    I cannot say it was bad episode.. No, for sure, it kept me watching it.. It made me see what is coming and what those char will do in situations were they are.. but I just do not feel that need to watch or the excitement.. Maybe I am having too high hopes.. who knows... I really wish that it would not feel like introduction anymore.. and get into some real motion.. rebellion.. high stakes..