V: The Final Battle (1984)



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V: The Final Battle (1984)

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V: The Final Battle (1984) is the miniseries sequel to the NBC miniseries V: The Original Miniseries, where we are introduced to an alien race called "The Visitors", led by John And Diana (Jane Badler), who come to Earth with a secret evil plan. We join news cameraman Mike Donovan as he is becoming part of the resistance movement which is bent on exposing and defeating the Visitors. The resistance attempts a raid on a Visitor processing plant, where they are using humans for food, but find that their defenses are too advanced. When John is making a huge announcement at the Los Angeles Medical Center, claiming to have a medial breakthrough that will be a universal cure for cancer, the rebels infiltrate the hospital to take advantage of the media coverage. The resistance makes a desperate call for rebellion, but Diana has the scene re-enacted and passed off as the original broadcast. When Mike is invited to surrender in exchange for his son, he is taken into custody on the mothership. When a strange pregnancy reveals a deadly bacteria, they develop the "Red Dust" to try to stop the Visitors, but soon find that the stakes of doing so are much higher than expected.moreless

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AIRED ON 5/8/1984

Season 1 : Episode 5

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