V: The Original Miniseries (1983)

NBC (Mini-Series 1983)


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  • Ultimately, a concept that is being replicated to this day...

    At its worst, V the mini-series is what plagues all television: cheesy dialogue, lazy writing, cutting corners... At its best, it envokes Kubrick and an out-of-world version of the Clockwork Orange and leaves a deep mark imprinted in the history of SF. The best parts are the early ones and the Final Battle; the first scene of the mini-series is stunning, ending with the first glimpse of the flying saucer. For the most part, the pacing is excellent, the sequence of events believable. As always, the film is filled with all types of iconic characters - the hero, the Judas, the convertee, etc., and all play their parts well. Unfortunately, as the mini-series progresses, logic starts to fall apart because the advancement of the story trumps "reality" and cutting corners really becomes noticeable - from the scene with the first "V" (victory) on (for example, the first alien Daniel meets on the ship has almost super-human strength. Later, when the script needs it, humans knock them out as easily as wrestling referees). We are not privy to backgrounds or subtleties - there is no time for that - and character development is virtually non-existent. But, the storyline remains strong (getting stronger in the Final Battle, where the accent is on the humans fight for freedom - that works! All in all the Final Battle is much stronger than the preceding mini-series) and, in the end, it is a very human SF series that should be at the forefront of all others, much more lauded and stronger budgeted series - and even at its worst moments, it still beats the heck out of Independence Day.
  • Here comes another good show.

    Why even bother making new shows. Even if they're good they get axed before their fist season is over. So it can be replaced with a reality show? I guarantee it will happen to this one. It's a shame that the networks are always doing this even if the show has good ratings but they come out with their lies and say that the ratings were low. Remember when "JERICHO" was replaced twice with these ridiculous reality shows? Since the beginning of this new millennium good shows have been canceled from left to right. When will this nonsense stop? Probably never. What these networks do is that they make their money from the short lived shows and claim them as a loss when they file their taxes so that they can get a big tax break. What a big scam.