V: The Original Miniseries (1983)

Season 1 Episode 1

V: Part 1

Aired Unknown May 01, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mike Donovan is filming in El Salvador with his partner Tony, when suddenly enormous spaceships emerge in the sky. The spaceships appear all over the world and everyone is waiting for what is going to happen next. it doesn't take long before the leader of the extraterrestrial fleet, John, starts speaking to the people. He looks exactly like us. John tells mankind that they have some environmental problems on their home-planet. Therefore he is wondering if mankind can help them with the development of certain chemicals.
A while later, reporters are invited into the spaceship and it doesn't take long before the visitors and humans work side by side. Robin Maxwell falls in love with Brian, one of the visitors.
However, Mike Donovan doesn't trust the aliens and sneaks into the spaceship uninvited. Inside the spaceship, he listens as Diana and Steven talk about how they don't need chemicals from earth and that they don't like humans at all. Later on, Mike films Diana as she eats a living rat. Mike is shocked after the discovery and shortly after he meets another visitor and starts fighting with him. He unmasks him and discovers that they are in fact lizard-like monsters. With the evidence recorded on a videotape, Mike Donovan wants to show his tape to mankind. But the visitors already control the TV organization.
The military is now cooperating with the visitors and Mike Donovan is now wanted by the visitors. Some scientists steal some instruments and one of them gets killed by the visitors when they do it.