V: The Original Miniseries (1983)

Season 1 Episode 1

V: Part 1

Aired Unknown May 01, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The video game that Brian and Robin are playing together is "Space Invaders" for the Atari video game system.

    • The song that the marching band is playing during the ceremony to welcome the visitors is the theme to "Star Wars".

  • Quotes

    • Caleb: First we had to fight you honkies for jobs, then the Mexicans, now it's these guys and they're not even from this planet!

    • Mike (about the Visitor Mothership): Just your average interstellar welcome wagon.

    • Denny: (talking about John) Would I like to get into his ship!
      Julie: I'd like to get into his DNA.

    • Denny: Talk about an offer we can't refuse, huh?
      Juliet: I wonder what would happen if we did.

    • Sean: (after seeing the first Visitor, John, on television) Aw Mom, he's no E.T. He doesn't even look like Mr. Spock!

    • Elias: (arguing with Ben) You got any idea how much fresh fruit is going for these days? And beef? I make more money selling hamburger than I did reefer.

    • Elias: (packing eggs to sell) Six bucks for a dozen clucks!

    • Mike: (while trying not to get shot at by a helicopter) Hang in there Tony. It's no worse than Cambodia.
      Tony: Hey, at least if you got creamed there, I could pass as one of them.

    • Ruby: Abraham, don't get so wound up. Nothing is going to happen. Not to you or your family. They're not doctors or biologists, or even scientists. You're not involved. Anyway, it's going to pass.
      Abraham: That's what I said in 1938, back in Berlin.

    • Denny: (talking about one of the visitors) He sure does look like one of us. Doesn't he, Ben?
      Ben: Outwardly, at least.
      Julie: Yeah, but that was no Nash Rambler he drove up in.

  • Notes

    • The lead characters of Julie and Mike are named after writer/director Kenneth Johnson's children. Robert Maxwell's daughter Katie is named after Kenneth Johnson's youngest daughter.

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