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V: The Series (1984)

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They came to Earth, disguised as friends. But instead, they took the planet's water and eat people for food. But there's a resistance... to save the people and the planet.

V: The Series is preceded by two miniseries, V and V: The Final Battle.


    ABC sends V remake to pilot

    ABC fired a big blank in 2005 with its highly touted alien-invasion series Invasion, even with a cushy post-Lost slot, young talent such as Reaper's Tyler Labine, and veteran freakiness from William Fichtner. But that hasn't discouraged ABC from more close encounters.


    V, rodent swallowing returning to TV

    If there is one image from 1980s television that is permanently scarred into my brain (for various reasons), it has to be the hot alien from V: The Miniseries swallowing a guinea pig whole. V was a television event…

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    • They should've finished V the series.

      I feel like they should've finished off V with a 20th episode. For some reason I have the feeling there's a Lost V episode out there somewhere, I don't why. But if it's out there, it should be brought to light.
    • V- A series a series that had potential; but unlike the movies fell short.

      I was just a pre-teen when the movies came out; and thought V/V The Final Battle were the best T.V. movies ever. I still believe they are into the 21st century. When the series came out I thought WOW a kick ass T.V. show; but I was a little disappointed. First of all some of the cast from the movies left all to quick, i.e Robert Maxwell (Michael Durrell) among others which kinda sucked. I was disappointed with the visitor's voices, what the hell happened to their unique and cool voices? I thought some of the episodes were better than others and some they should have not even bothered. Yes I guess I am giving this a higher than usual rating but it wasn't that awful, considering Marc Singer, Jane Bader, and Frank Ashmore were a plus. I just wish the series could have been more like both the movies; excellent plot & an excellent cast. I do believe the newer series learned from the original one, but it to was doomed, which shocked me especially when I thought the 2nd season was the best bringing back some of the original cast from the 1st series, I thought sure V would have gotten a 3rd season. It's too bad V-The series 1984-1985 got cut short; it had so much potential if more time and effort were given to it instead of slapping something together and calling it an episode.moreless
    • The original series that attempted to capitalize on the success of the mini-series.

      What made me originally fall in love with the series, V? Two words: Kyle Bates. When Kyle made his first appearance (or was it when he first took off his shirt?), I was hooked. And don't get me wrong. I already loved Mike and Julie and Ham and the rest of the gang. But Kyle was Hot with a capital H. And better yet, he had a powerful and seemingly amoral father from whom he was rebelliously estranged. The older Bates was even more compelling--was he really as bad as he seemed?--and the constant tension between the two was what kept me watching.

      Kyle and Robin? Boring.

      Kyle and Elizabeth? Boring.

      Kyle and his dad? Riveting!

      Listen, I was an absolute V fanatic. For a few short months my life revolved around this show. I even had my hair styled like Diana, that whacky, messy way she wore it during the series.

      So I guess that's why it's so hard to admit what a mediocre mess the series was. The concept was great, utilizing all the original stuff but adding some new wrinkles. The 'open city' thing was fun and allowed for a lot of great plot twists. But those seemingly wore out pretty fast. When the producers started trying to correct mid-season and pump up the ratings, things actually got much worse. Every week it was a kill-em-off festival for original characters, as they exited stage left. Getting rid of Ham was an especially big boner. And then the guest stars got more and more over the top.

      The whole Charles thing? Ridiculous! What in the world were they really supposed to do on that big rock once Charles and Diana got married? It's my opinion that this role is what destroyed Duncan Regehr's career.

      What about the other actors? They did the best they could with what they had. Lane Smith was superior as Nathan Bates, and Jeff Yagher held his own, even though his pecs and pretty eyes were probably more notable. Marc Singer hung in there as the gun-toting Beastmaster of the resistance, but Julie--the character who made the most notable metamorphosis in the original mini-series--floundered.

      And why did Elizabeth have to wear those awful dresses?

      The day Nathan Bates was shot was one that will live in infamy at my house--right up there with the assassination of Rudy Jordache in the 'Rich Man, Poor Man' series. My sister and I were inconsolable. The good news? This plot twist revealed Bates' true nature and allowed Kyle and Nathan to finally come together as father and son. Regardless of what happened after (don't try to tell me Kyle *really* stowed away on Elizabeth's ship!), this was the series payoff.

      At least for me.moreless
    • A Tv series that butchered the original mini-series.

      I've noticed many of the good reviews for this show on the site are counting the original mimi-series as part of their rating. However this is the series that ran only one year which was made after the mini-series. If I were to be reating the mini-series, it would be a 10, but this review is simply for the series.

      Really, after The Final Bettle, there was no point in making this at all, the story was over. But this series did start off pretty well and gave me my V fix as a kid, but this show really fell apart because there was simply nothing they could do storywise. Each week was someone getting kidnapped or some new visitor weapon they had to destroy.

      The writing for this series was so poor and the amount of plot holes was unforgivable. (Early in the series it was made clear that Mr bates could not be killed or the red dust would be released, and then only about 10 episodes later, they forget that HUGE part of the story and kill him anyway with no problem.) The story and the show were so bad that most of the cast left befroe the 18 episodes were finsihed, leaving the show with a skeleton cast and the show just became horrible.

      Don't get me wrong, I think this show was enjoyable, (until half the cast left, that's where it got awful) but it was nothing compared to the mini-series and it's horrible writing and plot holes make it hard to enjoy or follow.moreless
    • a alien race comes to earth in search of peace. what secert are they hiding.

      we have just got V on the scifi channel and its showing every episode. i forgot how much this show is so good. we see the arrival of a alien race to earth. at first the seem friendly. but later on there becomes a dark side to them. what are they hiding. but not all of them are evil. we see some of the vistors who want to side with the humans. my favourite vistor is robert england charcter.( best know for playing freddy kruger). its a battle between the humans and the vistors. who will come out the winner. this is a great show that brings back a lot of memorys. its just great to be able to watch it again from the start.moreless

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