V: The Series (1984)

NBC (ended 1985)


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  • A Tv series that butchered the original mini-series.

    I've noticed many of the good reviews for this show on the site are counting the original mimi-series as part of their rating. However this is the series that ran only one year which was made after the mini-series. If I were to be reating the mini-series, it would be a 10, but this review is simply for the series.

    Really, after The Final Bettle, there was no point in making this at all, the story was over. But this series did start off pretty well and gave me my V fix as a kid, but this show really fell apart because there was simply nothing they could do storywise. Each week was someone getting kidnapped or some new visitor weapon they had to destroy.

    The writing for this series was so poor and the amount of plot holes was unforgivable. (Early in the series it was made clear that Mr bates could not be killed or the red dust would be released, and then only about 10 episodes later, they forget that HUGE part of the story and kill him anyway with no problem.) The story and the show were so bad that most of the cast left befroe the 18 episodes were finsihed, leaving the show with a skeleton cast and the show just became horrible.

    Don't get me wrong, I think this show was enjoyable, (until half the cast left, that's where it got awful) but it was nothing compared to the mini-series and it's horrible writing and plot holes make it hard to enjoy or follow.
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