V: The Series (1984)

NBC (ended 1985)


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  • V- A series a series that had potential; but unlike the movies fell short.

    I was just a pre-teen when the movies came out; and thought V/V The Final Battle were the best T.V. movies ever. I still believe they are into the 21st century. When the series came out I thought WOW a kick ass T.V. show; but I was a little disappointed. First of all some of the cast from the movies left all to quick, i.e Robert Maxwell (Michael Durrell) among others which kinda sucked. I was disappointed with the visitor's voices, what the hell happened to their unique and cool voices? I thought some of the episodes were better than others and some they should have not even bothered. Yes I guess I am giving this a higher than usual rating but it wasn't that awful, considering Marc Singer, Jane Bader, and Frank Ashmore were a plus. I just wish the series could have been more like both the movies; excellent plot & an excellent cast. I do believe the newer series learned from the original one, but it to was doomed, which shocked me especially when I thought the 2nd season was the best bringing back some of the original cast from the 1st series, I thought sure V would have gotten a 3rd season. It's too bad V-The series 1984-1985 got cut short; it had so much potential if more time and effort were given to it instead of slapping something together and calling it an episode.
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