V: The Series (1984)

Season 1 Episode 3

The Deception

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 1984 on NBC
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The Deception
Mike is captured by the Visitors, who attempt to deceive him into believing the war is over.

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  • The resistance attempts to move the Starchild to New York, but Diana thwarts their plans with the kidnapping of Mike Donovan.

    This is perhaps one of the best, if not the best, episode of the V series. Here we have Mike Donovan captured by Diana so that she can retrieve information about the Starchild, and find her. Donovan is drugged, and with the use of a holagraph, he is convinced that he is married to and interacting with Juliet Parrish. He doesn’t have a clue that it is Diana who is coming on strong. When she offers him a pastry to eat, he only sees what she suggests it is. She picks up a rodent, takes a bite out of it. Mike has watched her eat a piece of cake and then he kisses her… poor man. The joke is on him!

    Meanwhile, the Starchild, Elizabeth Maxwell is reluctantly persuaded that its best for her to go and live in New York, where the Red Dust is active and will protect her from the Visitors. A young man by the name of Kyle Bates helps the resistance obtain motor cycles to help Elizabeth get to her destination. But when they get there they find that Diana has commandeered the transport helicopter. And Diana is surprised to find that Elizabeth has developed into a beautiful young woman. Donovan escapes his confinement. But can he and the others save Elizabeth before its too late? This is an episode not to be missed!


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    • Bates: I did this for you, you know....
      Kyle: Business, Brinksmanship and bucks, three Bs. Kyle begins with a K, remember dad? So don't pin this one on me....
      Bates: I suppose you think you'd be living here lizard free if it weren't for the open city agreement....
      Kyle: Lizard free? What an interesting idea! too bad it doesn't really apply.
      Bates: Of course it does, for fifty miles within the confines of Los Angeles...
      Kyle: For now, while they chow down on the rest of the planet!

    • Mike: Tyler? Who would marry him?!
      Lydia: (pretending to be Julie) Mike, you're his best man!

    • (Willie to Kyle, who is still eating)
      Willie: We will open soon, so I must change. Leave your plate, I will bust it later.

    • (Kyle watches Willie prepare a veggie lunch)
      Kyle: Mind if I ask you a question? Aren't you one of them? I thought the Visitors only ate live meat?
      Willie: Yes, that is correct. But I am a veterinarian.

    • (Kyle arrives to deliver WLF pouch to "The Fireman" at Club Creole)
      Willie: Boss, there is a strangler at the door.
      Elias: You mean a stranger, right?
      Willie: Yes, a stranger. He says he is looking to burn someone.

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