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  • why did it have to end :(

    I was very disappointed that the show was cancelled to. they could have ended the show properly and not in the middle. I mean what is going to happened to Kate and Danny. Do they catch the cat woman and kill her or do they lock her up in a dungeon or something like that. What is going to happen to Air does he die or do they heal him some how. They could at list make a couple more episodes so we know what is going to happen and not just leave it to our imagination.
  • Very disappointed that this show was cancelled..

    Very disappointed that this show was cancelled.. Yesterday i just accidentally click the video on Youtube titled: Valentine - Jackie and Sara lesbian romance Part 1/2 and i enjoy watching it so i click the part 2, then i love it.. I thought it was a movie but then it's not, i search on google and yahoo, And found out it's a tv series.. i watched the whole episodes on youtube and there's only 8 episodes but then again it's inspire me.. hope that this show will up again on "The CW" or other just want it to be finish, there's still 5 episodes left when "The CW" cancelled it.. It is a great Tv Series.. So please please please, AIR It Again..


    Now I believe in soulmates. That someday, somehow he will come. Realize that we are cut from the same cloth. Felt an immediate and deep connection for one another and feel a deep sense of sacredness and unity with God that we have never known before. It brings on feelings that never thought possible.

  • Hi I am writing a little foe the serial and i asked with very much please foe new episodes.

    Hi I don't beliеve in love but the tv serial it is very good.
    And if is possibly i want to ask the creators "please ,please,please make more episodes of the serial"
    or please give some information what may happen in the future. I can't give so much a review because i am not go with writing.
    For mi the film is not perfect but it is very good, the actоrs play theirs character good and untraditional.
    I like the idea that in other time "the greek gods" are a live.

    please please please please please

    i want more episodes and i want them now please.

    Goodbye Have a good night.
  • Greek gods meet modern world. Old school romance has to learn a few new tricks before it can catch up. This show follow the lives of Eros (cupid), Aphrodite and Co. as they learn the rules of 21st Centruy love.

    This show had a bad rap from the start: horrible Sunday night time-slot in front of a mediocre show (Easy Money). I don't think it really had a chance with only 4 episodes aired. They really could have done so much more, but, like with many budding shows, it gets cut down as soon as the plot thickens. The first few episodes were all about getting to know the characters. While we are on the subject of character, that was the only aspect of the show I did not like. Phoebe, Danny, and Leo were likeable and believable. Grace and the writer girl (I just can't remember her name) were not. Grace came off as way too snooty. Yes, I realize that Aphodite is probably supposed to be in love with herself. However, Grace was just unlikeable, and frankly, I could never picture her being the poster girl for love. Anyway, besides the slow beginning plotlines and a few character flaws, the show had promise. The deeper plot about someone trying to harm Olympians was intriguing, and I know I would have kept watching if, you know, they had let them air the rest of the season!
  • A mixture of humour, magic, romance and drama, as Greek Gods go round putting right what humans get wrong, although they are still a bit in the past themselves and need the help of a mortal Romance writer, or risk being mortal themselves.

    Its a really great idea and it wasn't given a fair enough chance, I only got to see 4 episodes and I loved it.
    The idea being that Aphrodite as Grace Valentine(Jamie Murray) and her son Eros as Danny Valentine(Kristoffer Polaha), live among us and every time a relationship looks destined to fail, a card is sent from the fates themselves to one part of the couple, who call the number automatically hiring Valentine Inc, they can be anything from plumbers to lawyers as they infiltrate the clients lives trying to make love happen.
    Of course things dont always run smoothly they are a little out of touch, while Grace goes round dressed like some Dynasty Alexis reject, Danny thinks he can solve all problems by pulling his love gun out and making women fall for him,(Like he needs it!) or whoever wants them, making things worse as this is just lust and not true love, Grace breaks it, but Danny keeps getting it back.
    Helped along by Goddess of the Oracle/Pheobe Valentine (Autumn Reeser) and her Oracle pool, Hephaestus/Ray (Patrick Fabian) a handy man who is a potential love interest for married Grace and Hercules/Leo (Robert Baker), they soon find they are failing because they are out of touch with reality, after reading a romance novel Grace decides they need the help of mortal romance writer Kate Providence (Christine Lakin)to get a new outlook on love.
    Kate is sceptical about Grace the fan offering her a job, curiously she agrees to go to the house, but then thinks Grace is crazy when she admits to being Aphrodite and wants to get away, after Grace proves it to her with a very different magical handshake she's more than willing to help out, especially as she seems to live out her fantasies through her books and has no real life of her own, the others are reluctant to welcome the newcomer, especially Pheobe who is desperate to get something on her,so she and Leo even accidentally sets fire to Kates appartment in their digging, but this also leads to a mysterious part where Pheobe is shown through the oracle Grace will be murdered and it points to Kate, but someone is tampering with the Oracle. So is it Kate or somebody framing her?
    Meanwhile Danny also wanting rid of Kate thinks just shooting Kate with the lust gun and getting her with his psycho father the God of War/Ari (Greg Ellis) is a better idea, he then feels guilty and he and Leo go kidnap/rescue her.
    Ari's a charmer too but he knows about Grace and Ray's relationship, when Grace asks for a divorce, he lets her know in no uncertain terms that Kate's life is on the line if she messes with him.
    Ray is also out to destroy Ari to protect Grace.
    The stories have included, arranged marriages, best friend soul mates, an actress off the rails, (this did seem to be based around a certain well known actress but im just guessing)and a couple who divorce after selling their beloved bookshop, each story is very sweet but the drama is still going on in the background their is also added threat that if the Valentine team fail they can become mortal and somebody is also out to get them but who... I need answers bring it back its driving me crazy.
  • Greek Gods always up in our bizz

    The Greek Gods are living on earth and becoming mortal. Unless they can save theirselves by saving us. One couple at a time. The pilot was entertaining because it is fun to see the Gods you might have learned about in highschool or just by watching Xena and Hercules fight it out. The second episode was kind of bad but by the third I actually got into it. It became funny and had guilty pleasure written all over it. Sadly I just found out I have one episode left to watch because it's cancelled. I do hope it gets picked up again in one way or another. I think Eros and Phoebe were great casts. Aphrodite and Ares were a little less in my opinion. Hephaistos was good but his role unfortunately not so memorable. All in all it showed potential.
  • It's a shame that this was cancelled. This had such potential, but like many shows with potential, fell by the wayside too quickly.

    Every once in a while a show comes around that walks hand in hand with the supernatural. And they never do all that well, falling prey to one of two different curses: The Curse of Being Misunderstood or The Curse of Being Before Its Time. I can actually name a few that fell prey to one or both of these (cough cough - Joan of Arcadia, Wonderfalls, Greg The Bunny, Firefly, The 4400, John Doe, OH so many others . . .), but this one is a shame. There are times when a show, such as Valentine, which shows promise, never gets far enough out of the gate to be truly realized as a great show - therefore falling prey to the Curse of Being Misunderstood, as before we can really delve into the character backgrounds or really see the future storyline unfold before us. Just when things get to that pivotal point, the season ends and the plug is pulled - or worse yet, we are lost in the beginning of the show. Curse of Being Before Its Time happens when a show, like Valentine, airs so late into the season that it is merely squeezed into a slot and not really cared about, just thrown there to fill things in and hopefully get cancelled in time for the BIG drama that the network is dreaming up. Valentine again is one of these. And that is a shame. The cast was very good, and the premise was also good. Explained perfectly, and the charm of the cards being found, as well as the ways that the team rallied together to bring together lovers against tremendous odds, while at the same time revealing that they are all just as hopelessly lost in love and life as the rest of us. Unfortunately, the plot was just a bit too complicated getting out of the gate, and the interaction between certain characters just didn't mesh as well as it could have. On top of that, while the cases were interesting, more focus was applied to the characters of the show than the cases, leaving them vulnerable to criticism. Everything was interesting, from the characters to the devices that Eros used to snare things into action, and every episode the movie-style romantic interlude between the lovers-to-be was very entertaining, but in the very end, too much clouded the way:

    The constant, and almost sociopathic fighting between the Valentine family members, and the strange hintings of dark secret that never manifested gave us more to avoid - the angry family is one thing, but can't we see more love, please? - and waiting for the bomb to drop is less fun than actually having it fall. This isn't Lost, we don't need the mystery. We want what a first season should really be about - concise story lines and results. It also very much flirted with too much sex and too much of a family-show theme, making it hard to land on the proper audience. If it had had more time, this would have been easy to see. On top of that, with one half of the family trying to kill the other or at least cause misery to them, it came off a bit more like the Sopranos mixed with sitcom. It is a shame that this show was cancelled. I only wish it could have continued a bit longer - the details would have been hammered out a bit more, and things might have made more sense to the whole audience.
  • The Olympian gods are living on Earth pretending to be mortal... Gee, where have I seen this before?

    A long time ago, I posted a blog about how much I was into gods and goddesses and how I could see a series built around how petty and vindictive they were to each other. My concept was a series like "Dynasty" or "Dallas," and every cuture's gods would be honored. Aphrodite would date thor, Ares would have ties with Nergal, Hermes and Anubis would have races... Valentine is a very loose WB version of that. Loose in that I doubt it's going to last unless its stretched to an hour and loses the love-making WB trademark feel over it, and get into some more dramatic "Desperate Housewife" and "O.C." story-lines. Somewhere in this series, I picture Zeus as the family patriarch on a spacious estate still philandering about with mortal women as the public thinks of him as a wealthy philantropist. Bottom line, I like Valentine, but it needs a lot of work if its going to last. These warmed-over "Charmed" plots are not going to work.
  • Valentine is a new comedy airing on Sunday nights. The show centers around a family of matchmakers who just happen to include the Greek goddess Aphrodite and her son, Eros.

    I think "Valentine" is a refreshingly light-hearted change from many of the shows on network TV. The casting is mostly spot on (with the exception of the actor playing Ares/Ari - those tweezed eyebrows!) Jaime Murray is an amazingly sultry Aphrodite (reminds me a lot of Kelly LeBrock). Kristoffer Polaha (lately of "Miss Guided") is perfect as Eros. Autumn Reeser (Phoebe) and Robert Baker (Leo/Heracles) are so sweet together. Will there be a little romance budding between them? That is, only if Leo and Phoebe are not closely related! While I know in Greek mythology brothers and sisters were known to mate or marry, it wouldn't be acceptable on network TV.

    One major criticism: I don't like the dark turn the show is already taking. It's just too soon. "Heroes" forgot about the goofy fun factor and lost me as a viewer during its second season. Writers of Valentine, please don't make the same mistake!

    I truly hope that "Valentine" stays on the air. The show has great potential.
  • It's about a family of Gods living amongst humans - Gods of Love. Their job is to get soul mates together. They are immortal.

    I loved it. It was really cool and funny - the whole immortal thing. I watched it twice and didn't get bored of it! You really should watch it. I don't want the show cancelled. I find the Goddess super cool. She's really good at acting... I didn't find a weak moment in the very first episode. Everything was great and the timing was perfect. It's certainly something different. I mean, it's not about rich teenagers who're messed up - like most shows today! Shoot. I think I fell in love with it. It's amazing, in my opinion! Watch it! :P
  • I really liked the idea and the pilot wasn't bad but sadly wasn't great either. Of course a lot of shows start slow.

    Gonna give it a change and hope it will get to its potential. For now the characters are one-dimensional but I do see a lot of potential. While I was watching the pilot I kept thinking I really want to like it, but didn't really fall for it. The characters Phoebe and Kate are cool, I liked them straight away but the others seem a little off.
    And then there is the case of Hercules I cant understand why he would be in a love team. And as last just a little nitpicking they dont really seem like gods. They god the petty and human stuff correct but I miss the greek god feel.
  • its about love and soulmates and some gods and goddesses

    I like the premise of Valentine - Greek Mythology comes to life! I enjoyed the pilot. maybe i shouldnt be writing a show review just yet based on the pilot. Although there is nothing compelling with this show, the dialogues were witty and smart. It is a light, fun show. If youre looking for an action packed drama with twists and turns, this may not be the show youre looking for. its fun to watch,but no shocking moments here. I was afraid that the show will get repetititive over time because of the 'lovestory per week' premise. but im hopeful. i hope they can find ways to come up with different storylines each week. I havent seen the show Cupid - i heard its a rip off of this show. I'd watch that too because its created by Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars)