Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2008 on The CW

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  • The show was very uniqe and prodictable in a way that someone should have thought of it earlier. Great show!

    The pilot episode was very clinching. Although the show was cancelled and the other ratings have not been that good. The show was not given it's credit. The show was very interesting and u would wonder why no one thought of it before. Its a great show and it died before its time.
  • An interesting take on greek mythology.

    the show follows a group of four greek gods helping people find love. unfortunately, they are finding it to be hard b/c most people today aren't looking for a soulmate. Grace, aka Aphrodite, asks for help from romance writer Kate Providence, who agrees to assist them in their quest.

    this episode wasn't as great as i thought it would be, but i still thought it showed potential. the concept of the show is interesting, since i like greek myth. the only thing i would say is, the show is going to have the couple-of-the-week premise and the creators will have to find some way to keep it fresh.

    this episodes couple was a man who is in love with his friend, while she is engaged to another. i think that this is a safe choice for the couple's dilemna, but safe is never a bad thing, just unoriginal. i didn't have a problem with that, but i did feel the ending was anti-climatic between the two. the writers are going to have to fix that a bit for coming episodes.

    the acting on the show, though, is very good. Jaime Murray is a great choice for Aphrodite and she plays it well. Kristoffer Polaha is also good in his portrayl of Eros, and is one of the funniest characters. but the one person i thought outshown everyone was Christine Lakin (of Step by Step fame) as Kate. sehe is definately the most interesting of the characters and i hope more is talked about on her past relationships.

    anyways, the show didn't start with a spectacular episode, but it wasn't a bad one either, and i hope the show can continue to get better.
  • Pilot episode, that's all I can say.

    I didn't have a lot of expectations seeing as I only saw about one commercial before I actually watched the episode. It wasn't horrible or boring it just wasn't funny or exciting either. The characters are plain, the plot is thin and about half way through I was asking, what's the point, but I'm not too quick to judge (yea I am). The only character I really like is Phoebe, (I just love supporting characters) she seems like a good storyline waiting to happen. Danny is pretty easy to figure out so no need to try too hard, the others I just don't get. I'll stick around as long as I can, hopefully it'll get better.
  • Rough but has some nice potential.

    I had heard poor reviews of this but I found this pilot episode to be a nice start. The central story is good for a series as the idea of the Goddess of love in today's world is ripe for stories. Some bits were obvious like Hercules being a thick-headed muscleman and Eros using his love juice for himself. But it was good of Aphrodite to point that out and take it away from him before it became too obvious a gimmick.

    Better was that Eros points out how Aphrodite doesn't get that mortals have changed so much and gotten away from each other and they can't do things the old ways. Like him, I was surprised at how well Karen took the whole "god" thing (although the handshake was absolutely hysterical) but she works with them well. Indeed, the chemistry between the actors is quite good as Karen has a down to Earth style while Aphrodite is well played as honestly not getting mortals even while she helps them. The actual romance was a bit easy but the writing is sharp and if they can tighten it up with the acting, this has some potential to go a while.