Valkyria Chronicles

Chiba TV (ended 2009)


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Valkyria Chronicles

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The story is set in 1930's Europa, a continent split by the Empire and the Federation. Ultimately the struggle for supremacy leads to the start of E.W.II (Second Europan War). Gallia is a small independent nation rich in resources that faces attack from the Imperial Army. Welkin Gunther is a carefree young student and the only son of a great General from the First Europan War. When his home town is attacked during the early days of the war he joins the Militia and quickly becomes one of the most gifted military commanders Gallia has. This is his story. Alternative title:
Senjo­ no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles-
Gallian Chronicles Opening Theme:
"Asu e no kizuna" by HIMEKA
"Kanashimi Rensa" by MARIA
Ending Theme:
"Ano Kaze ni Notte" by pe'zmoku
"Hitotsu no Negai" by Hikari Inoue

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  • This reminds me of Pumpkin Scissors only better.

    The show is set durring the Second European War and follows the exploits of Gallia, a small resource rich country that is being invaded for its valuable ores and minerals. In particular it focuses on Welkin Gunther a seemingly carefree and simple young man who is the son of the great General Gunther, the saviour of Gallia in the First European War. Welking proves to be a brilliant tactician and helps to protect Gallia durring the war.

    The show has some very beautiful animation and some great voice talent to boot. There is plenty of action as well as very engrossing characters to keep you watching. This is yet another great anime for the new season and I can only hope that the series continues to get better and better.moreless
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    OK I don't know how may people out there are actually watching this but I thought I would start a plot discussion anyway. This is...
  • This has potential
    I saw the trailer for this just now and it looks very good. I have never played the game so I have nothing to compare it to but it...

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