Valkyria Chronicles

Chiba TV (ended 2009)


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  • Season 1
    • Final Battle
      Episode 26
      With Alicia captured by the Imperial forces, Squad 7 launches an attack against Maximillian's Dreadnaught in order to rescue her. However, no sooner does Welkin find his friend than he is attacked by Maximillian and his man-made Valkyria System. It is then up to Alicia to defeat the insane Prince and up to Welkin to help Alicia remember that she is not the monster that others think she is.moreless
    • 9/20/09
      Following Maximillian's sudden invasion of the Gallian Capital, Squad 7 must abandon their plans to go after Alicia and instead repel the invading forces. However, when Maximillian withdraws just as suddenly it becomes clear that his true motive for the attack was to steal the Holy Spear of the Valkyrur. After witnessing the awesome power of the Spear the Gallian forces are given an opportunity to surrender but instead they decide to fight on until the very end. Meanwhile, Jaeger realises just how far Maximillian is willing to go and begins to doubt his commander's sanity.moreless
    • Determination
      Episode 24
      As Alicia and Selvaria face off Ghirlandaio they realise that they knew each other when they were children and even consider themselves friends. At the same time Maximillian tries to broker a ceasefire and political marriage with Princess Cordelia in order to obtain both the Gallian throne and the blood of the Valkyria. Meanwhile, Squad 7 is upset about being sidelined whilst there friend is fighting all alone and decide to disobey their orders and return to the front lines.moreless
    • Form of Love
      Episode 23
      Whilst trying to visit Alicia Squad 7 ends up in a fight with several officers from the regular army. Welkin steps in to break it up but ends up involved when one of the officers insults Alicia. Meanwhile, Maximillian has been branded a traitor by the Empire and formed his own separatist nation as a result. As such the Gallian forces decide to launch a strike against his stronghold at Ghirlandaio.moreless
    • Confusion
      Episode 22
      Following her success at the battle of Naggiar Plains, General Damon plans to transfer Alicia to the regular army and use her as a weapon to crush the Empire. Although at first Alicia refuses, her devastation at having caused so many deaths along with the apprehension of her former comrades ends up making the decision for her. Even Welkin's resolve and kind words cannot persuade her to stay with the Militia.moreless
    • Short-lived Bonds
      Episode 21
      Having shot Alicia in order to prove his theory that she is a Valkyrur, Faldio kidnaps Princess Cordelia in order to gain possession of the Valkyrur weapons. Meanwhile, Squad 7, devastated at the news of Alicia's injury, prepare to face Selvaria in battle. Just when it seems like the Gallian forces have no hope Alicia appears and proves more than a match for the fabled Blue Witch.moreless
    • Beloved One
      Episode 20
      Maximillian is about to be relieved of command of the invasion of Gallia and as such decides to launch one final decisive battle using his most powerful weapon, the Blue Witch herself. Although Squad 1's battle at the front lines of Naggiar seems to be going well at first the Gallian forces cannot stand up to Selvaria's Valkyrur powers.moreless
    • Tears
      Episode 19
      Welkin is still struggling with his feelings regarding the loss of Isara but there is no time to dwell on them as Squad 7 is ordered to participate in an operation to retake the Imperial occupied town of Bruhl! The Squad also receives a new member, former resistance leader Zaka, who is Edelweiss's new driver. Meanwhile, back at the base Faldio makes a shocking discovery about Alicia.moreless
    • August Rain
      Episode 18
      Isara's death has hit everyone hard, especially Rosie but it is Welkin’s cold and stand-offish attitude which most concerns his comrades. General Damon then makes an already strained situation worse by disrespecting Isara's Darcsen heritage in front of the squad.
    • 7/26/09
      Under the orders of General Damon Squad 7 is dispatched to the Mulberry Coast to destroy the Imperial's defences in the area. While the rest of the squad are concerned about having to fight on the day of the Holy Spirit Festival Welkin is shown information linking General Damon to Lord Von Borg and as such the motivation for the entire mission becomes suspect. However, the real problem is not the impending battle but the fraught relationship between Alicia and Welkin.moreless
    • 7/19/09
      Alicia is still unsure about her feelings following Faldio's confession. Welkin is also struggling with his own feelings for Alicia and receives some unsolicited advice from Largo, learning a lot about the veteran soldier's past in the process. Meanwhile, after the defeat of General Gregor at Fauzen, Maximilian begins making plans for a new offensive.moreless
    • 7/12/09
      After the events at Fauzen Captain Varrot decides to hold a party so that the Militia members can let their hair down and relax. Although at first the plan is for Rosie to sing as part of the entertainment she refuses, prompting Welkin and the others to probe her hatred of Darcsens. However, in the end it is Isara who forces Rosie to confront her painful past and sing.moreless
    • Fauzen`s Choice
      Episode 14
      Welkin and his infiltration team set their plan into motion with the aid of the local resistance. Although the operation goes well at first, General Gregor turns out to be far more ruthless than anyone imagined and forces the Gallian soldiers to make a difficult choice.
    • 6/28/09
      The Militia are sent to recapture the Imperial occupied Fauzen. While the rest of the 3rd Regiment create a diversion Welkin leads a small infiltration team, disguised as civilians, to destroy the Imperial's newest weapon which is protecting the town. Once inside Fauzen's borders the infiltration team meet up with the resistance force and their leader Zaka.moreless
    • Kidnapped Princess
      Episode 12
      When Faldio realises that Alicia is missing he immediately suspects General Jaeger and his party but it soon becomes clear that they had nothing to do with the kidnapping. As such Welkin and the others must race against time to locate Alicia and Princess Cordelia and prevent a Federation coup. However, they have help from a rather unexpected source, General Jaeger.moreless
    • Uninvited Guests
      Episode 11
      Welkin, Faldio, Isara, Ramal and Alicia all attend a banquet hosted by Princess Cordelia to celebrate Gallia's recent military successes. Jaeger and Selvaria also attend the function (under the guise of Count and Countess Alseif) in order to gather intelligence pertaining to Gallia's relationship with the Federation. However, things get even more complicated when the Princess along with Alicia are abducted by Lord Von Borg and his men.moreless
    • 6/7/09
      When a freak snowstorm hits while Welkin and Alicia are on a scouting mission they are forced to take shelter in an abandoned cabin. However, when a wounded Imperial soldier also arrives things get more complicated. Meanwhile the rest of Squad 7 are concerned about the fate of their comrades.
    • Blue Witch
      Episode 9
      Lieutenant Karl Oswald starts work as the aide to Colonel Selvaria Bles but his arrival along with several other personal from Central make General Gregor and General Jaeger uneasy. Meanwhile, Maximillian is recalled to the Capital and his brother uses it as an opportunity to eliminate him. Luckily Selvaria arrives just in time and Karl learns why she is called the 'Blue Witch'.moreless
    • 5/24/09
      Welkin, Faldio and Alicia encounter Maximillian and Selvaria in the Barious Ruins leading to the revelation that Selvaria is a Valkyrur. Things get worse when Maximillian attempts to use an enormous tank to destroy the ruins with Welkin and the other's still inside. It is then up to Isara, Welkin and Ramal to rescue the others from being buried alive. Meanwhile, Fouzen is over-run by the Imperial Army.moreless
    • 5/17/09
      The 3rd Regiment is sent to Barious Desert to investigate reports of Imperial activity in the area. However, their proximity to the Barious Ruins prompts Welkin, Faldio, Alicia and Isara to investigate the Darcsen Calamity from nearly 2000 years ago.
    • The journalist Irene Ellet comes to the base in order to write a story on Welkin and decides to spend some time with Squad 7 in order to learn more about him. However, Alicia fears that Welkin's carefree attitude will damage the public's perception of the Militia and decides that she must not learn the truth. This leads Irene to believe that there is some kind of cover-up in Squad 7 that must be exposed at all costs.moreless
    • 5/3/09
      Welkin comes up with a brilliant flanking manoeuvre using Squad 1 and Squad 7 in order to defeat the Imperial forces at Kloden. However, the entire plan hinges not only on the Edelweiss tanks endurance but also on Alicia and Faldio working together. To make matters worse their enemy is the infamous General Gregor.moreless
    • Brief Holiday
      Episode 4
      As Crown Prince Maximillian makes plans to crush the Gallian supply lines, the 7th Squad is tasked with backing-up the regulars under the command of General Damon who does not like the Militia. Due to this he tells the platoon not to participate in the next operation, giving them some much needed down time. However, when his forces are defeated at Kloden by General Gregor of the Imperial Army Squad 1 and Squad 7 are ordered to sortie.moreless
    • 4/19/09
      Welkin, now a Second Lieutenant is appointed as the commanding officer of the 7th Squad with both Isara (now a Corporal) and Alicia (now a Sergeant) placed under his command. However, not everyone is happy to be working with such a young officer or his Darcsen sister. In order to try and gain their respect he makes a bet that he can retake an occupied bridge in nearby Wasser Town in just two days. As such he launches a daring attack from the most unexpected of positions to ensure the success of the mission.moreless
    • 4/12/09
      After using the tank (Edelweiss) to escape from the Imperial Army, Welkin, Isara and Alicia head back to Bruhl where they warn the patrol members of the impending battle. However, when the Imperials arrive the Gallians are out-numbered and out-gunned. In their desperation they attempt to use an obsolete tank that malfunctions and results in unnecessary deaths. But with the townspeople now safe the Town patrol can retreat using the Edelweiss as cover. Finally Alicia and Susie decide to join the Militia where they also encounter Welkin.moreless
    • War Encounter
      Episode 1
      The Gallian Town of Bruhl is being evacuated in preparation for the coming conflict with the Imperial Army led by Crown Prince Maximillian. Meanwhile, a young man by the name of Welkin Gunther is seen lurking around the town and arrested by Alicia Melchiott of the Town Watch who believes him to be a spy. However, when Welkin manages to escape to meet up with his younger sister, Isara, Alicia chases after him and they are cornered by Imperial Soldiers.moreless