Valley of the Dinosaurs

CBS (ended 1976)


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  • Valley of the OK

    This was an interesting story for a few episodes but like many other 70's action cartoons it just became too boring and silly. Modern people teaching cave people general science, electricity, architecture etc. but we're never able to cross a few mountains and find a way home. The animation and voice work was great but it just continually fell flat on most people.
  • It was OK. Not good but just OK.

    It was OK. Not good but just OK. At times, Valley of the Dinosaurs really bores the hell out of me but there were many savoring moments that made me watch it til the very end. Recommended only if you have time to kill.The story of this show is ok, but no way to say "This is nice".
  • pre lost

    if you like Lost and have a love for 70's sci fi than this is the show for you. i liked it much better than 'land of the lost". i still remember the first time i saw the crazy intro with the water and raft.. i was at my grandmas painting in my paint with water book of the monchichis. they mustve played reruns in the early 80's on saturdays.