Valley of the Dinosaurs - Season 1

CBS (ended 1976)


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  • Torch
    Episode 16
  • The Big Toothache
    The Big Toothache
    Episode 15
  • Test Flight
    Test Flight
    Episode 14
  • To Fly a Kite
    To Fly a Kite
    Episode 13
  • Rain of Meteors
    Rain of Meteors
    Episode 12
  • Fire
    Episode 11
  • S.O.S
    Episode 10
  • Top Cave, Please
    Top Cave, Please
    Episode 9
  • After Shock
    After Shock
    Episode 8
  • The Saber-Tooth Kids
    The Butlers and the Cave Dwellers are all picking fruit and taking off the husks to put the berries inside in baskets. The fruits contain vitamin C according to Kim. Greg asks Tana to play kickball with the fruit, but Tana tells him that they are supposed to be working. Greg ignores her and kicks the fruit away where Digger and Clump run after it. John yells at them not to run off. There are many dinosaurs that seem to be fleeing running from a Megalosaurus. Greg and Tana catch up to Digger and Glump and Greg grabs the fruit and throws it again, asking Tana get the ball before Digger gets it. Greg throws the fruit for Glump while Tana holds onto Digger. Glump chases the ball into a hole in the ground. Back at the grove, the sounds of the growling animals are heard. Gorok says they are Zondi and that they must get back to the cave. Gorok calls out to Tana and Greg to come back. Tana is worried about Glump being lost but everyone tells her that Glump can take care of himself, but Tana knows that since Glump was raised in the cave he does not know how to take care of himself. Glump is at the bottom of a large hole grunting sadly. A large swarm of bats chases him through the cave. Zondi is at the top of a cliff growling down at the Butlers and the Cave Dwellers. Later that night they watch from their caves as Zondi walks by. Zondi tramples their campfire as he leaves, putting the fire out. Gorok knows this particular Zondi, whose names is "Scarak". Scarak leads a hunting pack of dinosaurs each year through the valley. They come from the Valley of Smoking Water. Kim and Gera try to reassure Tana that Glump will hide in the dark and be okay. The next morning Glump is still in the cave. The Butlers prepare to go picking roots. Lok is concerned about Tana, but Gorok insists that until the Zondi are driven out they cannot hunt for meat. Glump finds a way out of the cave but is immediately chased by wild wolves. Zondi is also still stalking the land. A villager runs to the Cave Dwellers and tells him to hurry because the Zondi are in the canyon waiting for the swamp bog to clear before moving on. Gorok sees this as a great opportunity to climb the cliffs above them and drop rocks on them. Greg is feeling guilty about throwing the ball that got Glump lost so he vows to go find him, even though Gorok told them to stay in the cave. Tana wants to come because Glump is her pet. On the edge of the cliff John, Gorok, Lok and the villager are throwing rocks down at the Zondi, driving them off. Digger leads Greg and Tana to the hole that Glump fell through. Greg lowers himself into the hole with a rope and Tana follows. They look for Glump but don't find him. Greg sees the daylight from the hole that Glump went through and finds Glumps footprints when they crawl though. They follow Glumps footprints and find that Glump is at the top of a stone pillar surrounded by wolves. Tana has an idea to save Glump and takes Greg back to the cave. At the cave Katie, Kim and Gera discover Greg and Tana missing. Lok runs into the cave and says that he has lost John and Gorok. Gera tells Lok to go with Katie and find Greg and Tana while here and Kim will find Gorok and John. Just them Greg and Tana arrive at the cave. Tana points to the Saber-tooth tiger pelt hanging on the wall. She says that she can scare away the wolves with this. They take the pelt off the wall and take it back to Glump. Kim and Gera watch the Zondi while searching for John and Gorok. John and Gorok watch Scarak coming right behind them. Gorok figures out that he has circled around to hunt the men. They are hiding when they see Gera and Kim frightened by the squeaking of a giant mouse. Kim tells John that the children have gone looking for Glump. Gorok tells them they can only go through the Valley of Smoking Water to escape. They run to the valley until Kim turns her ankle. Scarak is behind them but slow. Gorok tells them that Scarak has a keen sense of smell and gets an idea. He takes off his vest and uses his spear to throw it into a tree. Greg and Tana are putting on the Sabertooth pelt like a costume while Tana growls at the wolves surrounding Glump. Katie and Lok have found the hole where Glump fell in with the rope still hanging into it. Lok knows of the other entrance and takes Katie there. Digger meanwhile tries to join the Sabrertooth costume with Greg and Tana. But the wolves hear the Zondi roar and run off. Tana calls to Glump who runs past them both. Greg and Tana run after them. Katie and Lok find the abandoned Sabertooth pelt and hear Zondi's roar and realize why the kids ran away. Tana and Greg chase Glump to the Valley of the Smoking Water (geysers). Tana decides they should go back, but Greg takes her through the valley….to a dead end. Katie and Lok arrive just as Kim, Gera, John and Gorok are running from Scarak. They all catch up to Tana and Greg in the dead end. Lok says they will have to climb out, but Gorok knows that Scarak is not far enough behind. Katie finds some soft made of pumice. Kim, John and Katie comes up with an idea to take nearby bamboo sections and funnel the power of a nearby geyser to carve steps into the cliff. They create a house and shoot hot steam at the cliff. Lok uses the steam to find off Scarak. They all climb the stairs they have built quickly. At the cave, John asks Gorok if they can use the power of the steam to build a generator and use it to contact the outside world. Gorok warns him that the Zondi would not like it. Greg plays fetch with Digger and Clump using bones. Tana hugs Glump who know wont leave the cave at all.moreless
  • Pteranodon
    Episode 6
    Lori and Greg are being pulled in a dugout canoe by Kim. They are dragging nets through the water and catching many fish. We can see that Kim is tiring from the effort of dragging the canoe. Back at camp, Gorok, Lok, Gera, John and Tana are gathering coconuts next to the lake. Digger jumps into the lake to catch an errant coconut. At the river's edge, Kim collapses, letting go of the rope to the dugout. The dugout is caught in a current and Greg and Lori are swept away. Lok immediately jumps from his true into the river and swims after the boat. From the dugout canoe Katie throws Lok a rope and Lok swims back to the shore, where Gorok helps him. Gera and John try to diagnose Kim. John builds a travois to drag Kim back to the camp. Back at the cave, Greg and Tana and Digger are dumping coconuts. Greg is worried about his mother - she never gets sick - but Tana assures them back at camp that Gera will know what is wrong. When Kim is back at the cave and put to bed, she resists but Gera tells her that she needs Glubos. Gera makes up a batch and feeds it to Kim. Gorok is worried that the disease will spread and sends Tana out to find medicinal leaves and bitter roots. Greg volunteers to go with her. He also tells Lok and Katie to get the eggs of the Ardoc (Pteranodon). He tells John that they are going to find the eggs of the Giant Turtle. They bring digger to find the buried eggs. Gorok believes they should hurry because it is the Season of the Winds. Greg and Tana are looking for bitter roots when Tana stops and warns Greg to avoid a flower. She throws a rock at it to show that it will grab it with its vines. Tana spots the bitter roots and they walk through the flowers and start digging. One of the vines grabs both Glump and Greg and start dragging Greg away. Tana cuts him free. Lok and Katie are putting eggs from the Pteranodon's nest into a leather sack, when the Pteranodon swoops to attack. Katie and Lok run into a nearby cave. John and Gorok are digging up Giant Turtle eggs and John is worried about the Pteranodon, but Gorok assures him that Lok can lure the Pteranodon to the ground where it is slow and clumsy. Digger spots the Giant Turtle coming back to its nest, and Gorok and John are driven off, but they need more, so they keep searching. Lok and Katie are still running through the jungle, with Lok clearing vines before them. The Pteranodon gets caught in the vines and can't follow them on the ground. Greg and Tana return with bitter roots but were unable to find ‘Fox Flower'. Gera tells them that they must have it and to find it where the men are. Greg checks on his mom and gives her a fruit. Greg goes out to search for more medicine. Kim puts on a brave face but is still very weak. Lok and Katie are still being followed by the Pteranodon, but come across a swamp. John and Gorok are still gathering turtle eggs and realize that Lok and Katie are stuck because Pteranodon's are still circling over the swamp. John suggests hiding the eggs so that they can go help them. Tana and Greg come up to them - they have found the medical flowers. John sends them back to the camp to return the eggs and the flowers while John and Gorok run to help Lok and Katie. At the swamp a wind is building up and Lok and Katie walk across logs on the swamp, while the Pteranodon is still following on foot. Gorok and John are stuck on the other side of the swamp. Gorok thinks they have gone to ‘Animal Island' where the animals lie in the sun and wait for prey. John thinks they can go around the swamp, but Gorok warns that there are beds of Sinking Sand. If it is wet, they will sink. Lok and Katie are going through the swamp when they see a Duck Billed Dinosaur, but Lok tells her that it is harmless if unmolested. Lok thinks they should build a fire to keep the animals away. Back at the cave, Tana and Greg return with the Turtle Eggs and the Fox Flowers, but without the Eggs of the Arok that Lok and Katie are bringing, the stew Gera is cooking will not be medicine. Outside the cave a giant turtle watches them. Gera reassures Kim that everything is alright but a giant turtle is moving slowly towards the cave. Tana is worried about Lok and Katie. Lok is trying to make a fire so that he can use a torch to drive away the Pteranodon but the wind prevents it from happening. He tells Katie that they need the eggs to make the medicine. Lok finally gets a fire going, just as a huge crocodile approaches them, but Lok feels that the fire will keep all of them back. Lok is hoping that Gorok and John will see the smoke from the fire. Gorok and John have reached the Beds of Sinking Sand but it is well. John wants to use Gorok's Frog boat to sail across the swamp, but Gorok won't have it - the boat is only for being close to shore and will be too slow to avoid the ‘Leego' (Elamosaurus) in the swamp. John thinks that maybe they can convert the Frog-boat into a sailboat by finding a large animal hide. Gorok thinks they can find this at the Animal Dying Place close by. Katie is starting to despair. The palm trees that Lok is burning are running low. Lok has faith that John and Gorok can come. A crocodile watches them carefully. At the camp Gera is still making stew. Kim wonders what Digger is worried about. At that moment the Giant Turtle comes into the cave. The turtle smells the eggs and will spill the medicine. Gera grabs a large mammoth tusk and fends it off, telling Tana and Greg to bring the Great Hide. Gera leads the giant turtle onto the hide that Tana and Greg have spread behind her. The turtle has grabbed the mammoth tusk Gera holds and has locked its jaws. Tana and Greg can drag the hide away from the cave with the turtle on it. John and Gorok go to the place where wounded and sick animals come to die. They have gathered a large animal hide and John has Gorok grab a jawbone to use as a tiller. Katie sees the sailboat coming to them, just as the wind is putting out Lok's fire. At the camp, Gera, Greg and Tana have tied up the giant turtle. Hyenas are sniffing around the pot of medicine and Tana chases them off with a club. At the swamp Lok is fending off a giant crocodile with his torch. Gorok yells at them to run back to the boat. Lok and Gorok do not understand how they can sail into the wind, but John teaches them about taking into the wind. The Pteranodon swoops down on the swamp and attacks the giant crocodile. While sailing down the swamp the wind breaks the mast, but Gorok and Lok start polling the boat. Back at camp, Kim is fully healed and no one else has gotten sick. Katie, Greg, Tana and Lok are playing with small boats in the river. Of course, Greg falls into the river.moreless
  • The Volcano
    The Volcano
    Episode 5
    Gorok, Lok and John are paddling down the river in their dugout canoe, through a thick fog. Gorok yells across to another dugout canoe to ask if the hunting was good. Another cave dwellers tells him that since Konga (Tyrannosaurus Rex) hunters there now, the hunting was bad. Gorok figures they can wait until Konga leaves. Back at the camp Greg and Tana are working on the paddle wheel of a boat John is building, while Katie, Kim and Gera are tying together vines. There is already a boat in the background. Katie asks when they are going to eat and Kim tells here they are waiting for the men to get back from hunting. Kim notices the men coming back now, but Katie notices they have no game. John and Katie explain that the boat can be peddled with their feet and therefore go up the river where the water is too fast for the dugout canoes. Later that night Digger wakes up Katie and Lok. Soon thereafter and earthquake rumbles through the camp and boulders fall down the cliff. Lok says the Volcano is angry. Since the larger dinosaurs have run away Gorok wants to go back out hunting. John is concerned about the volcano, but Gorok assures him that this happens often, but the volcano goes to sleep. John wants to go look inside the crater to see if they are in the path of a lava flow. But John persists, digging up the ground to show that lava has flown in this area before. John wants to climb up the volcano and take a look. John cannot take no for an answer. He sets off right away. Lok wants to go with him, but Gorok forbids it. Gorok decides to go with him, warning him that they will have to answer to the Tribal Council. Gorok asks for food and water. Gorok gives Lok a horn and after using a stick to make marks in the dirt he tells Lok to blow the horn when the stone's shadow reaches his marks. If Gorok returns the horn call, they are all right. otherwise they are in trouble. After tying John with vine to him, Gorok and John climb the mountain. The see a vent of escaping gas which tells them that the volcano is still active. While climbing Gorok notices naneek a small rat/lizard creature. Gorok shows John that he can imitate the naneek's call by whistling. Back at camp, Kim, Tana, Lok, Katie, Gera and Greg and finishing putting together the paddle wheel boat. When Tana notices that it is almost time to sound the horn, Lok sound the horn and Gorok sounds back to signal that everything is okay. The ground is starting to get hotter and they are both drinking more of the water they brought. Suddenly they hear a Diatryma (or Gastornis). Gorok tells them to run fast as it starts to chase them. Gorok drops his rope and horn but John spots a cave and they dive into it as Tandor is trying to dig them out. They crawl through to the other end of the tube and there is an opening but it is tool small for them to get out. Back at the camp Yadok comes looking for Gorok to get him for the Tribal Council. When they tell him that Gorok has gone up the side of the volcano Yadok is made. Gorok is needed to drive off Konga. He stalks away telling them that the Tribal Council will hear about this and threatens punishment. It is soon time for the next horn call and Lok blows the horn, but there is no answer. Lok decides to go try to help them. Katie is going to go with him. Meanwhile John and Gorok crawl out the other side of the whole, but the Tandor chases them back inside the tunnel when it hears John make knock a rock aside. Lok and Katie are running up the side of the mountain but Katie trips over a vine and falls. She asks Lok to wait for him, but he keeps going. Soon the earth quakes and the ground opens up and swallows Lok into the boiling water below. Luckily Lok has grabbed onto the side and Katie throws a rope back up to him. Gorok and John are still waiting in the tunnel that is being watched by Tandor. Katie and Lok are catching up and Katie screams when she sees Tandor. Tandor starts chasing Katie and Lok and corners them under some rocks, but John and Gorok use that time to climb out of hole. Gorok ties a noose and lays it on the ground, luring Tandor by whistling like the naneek – it is Tandor's favorite food. As Tandor steps into the noose Gorok ties the vine to a rock nearby. As the sun is going down, all four of them head to the top of the crater. At the crater's edge John estimates that they have less than 24 hours before it starts spilling over. They run back to camp and tell Gera, Kim, Greg and Tana that they have to move immediately. Kim suggests that maybe they can make a dam to divert the lava. Later at the tribal council they chastise Gorok, Lok and John for breaking tribal law, but they explain that the lava will burn everything. Finally Yadok comes around and asks how he can help. John tells them that they might be able to break a rock ledge near the volcano and this might divert the lava. Meanwhile the people will go downstream away from the lava flow. The next day a group of men are with Yadok, John and Gorok over the ledge over the volcano. They are hammering wooden stakes into the ledge trying to break it off. Kim, is still finishing the work on the paddle wheel boat back at camp. The volcano erupts but finally the cliff ledge starts to fall. Yadok, John, Gorok and their crew run to the paddle wheel, the flaming lava close behind. But the lava cuts off the river downstream – where John told the rest of the villagers to go. They push the paddle wheel boat into the water. They hear the sounds of screaming animals and can see that they are all fleeing the volcano. They all get into the paddle wheel boat and keep peddling as the lava gets to the edge of the river. Later they are cooking over a campfire. The lava has missed both the village and the cave. The people are happy, except for Glump who is still seasick from the paddleboat.moreless
  • Smoke Screen
    Smoke Screen
    Episode 4
    Two bipedal baboon like creatures (called Geebos) are chasing a Compsagnathus into a tar pit. Meanwhile the John, Kim, Greg Butler and Tana family is gathering leaves and weaving vines into a snare trap. Digger is snapped at by a mole-like mammal that comes out a mound of dirt he is scratching at. They are building a trap to catch whatever has been stealing from their wooden cage-like fish trap they have on the edge of the lake. John Butler suspects it might be a Geebo. They head back to the village. At the village Lok tells a group of villages that a Geebo attacked him. Some villages are worried because the Geebos are becoming braver. One robbed a gave and have stolen Gorok's fish. One villager warns that a few losses are nothing compared to keeping the peace with the Geebos. They will go away eventually. Just then John Butler and the group approaches the villagers and assures them that they need not worry about the them anymore because they have set a trap. But Lok and Gorok warn that they shouldn't trap the Geebos, that will only make them angry. They both run to tear down the trap. The Butlers are confused, thinking it would be helpful to catch the thief. Gorok and Lok swing on vines to where the fish trap is, but a Geebo is there and reaches out to the trap as Gorok and Lok yell at it to stop. But they are too late and the Geebo is trapped by one foot, hanging upside down. He is screaming as Gorok and Lok climb the tree to cut the Geebo free. John and a Villager named Ved catch up with Gorok and Lok catch up. Ved warns that they must kill the Geebo. Ved tries to throw a spear at the hanging Geebo, but John Butler stops him. The Geebo is Creen, leader of the people, and Gorok warns that if he does not free him, his mate and others will come and attack them. Ved warns that they will come anyway. Two Geebos chase John and Ved up the same tree with Lok and Gorak. Gorak tells them that Geebos don't climb and will go away. Gorok cuts the Geebo down. Katie, Greg and Tana approach the tree soon afterwards, but Gorak tells them to run back and get torches. They run back to the village and Greg tries to light the fire to since they are in a hurry Katie takes over. They light torches and run back to frighten off the Geebos. They scream and wave torches and the two Geebos are driven off. Ved is still mad that they have made enemies of the Geebos, he believes they will still attack! Gorok is not sure an attack is guaranteed and sends Lok to watch Creen to see if he forgets about it or prepares an attack. Meanwhile Kim and Gera are stirring a large stone pot back at the cave. Kim is worried about her children. Gera assures her that her children are alright. Lok and Katie are following Creen, making sure to stay upwind. Lok yells out and Creen follows the echoes. Creen finds the rest of the Geebo tribe who free his feet from the vine still wrapped around it. Creen causes a commotion and Lok thinks they are preparing to attack. Katie and Lok run back to warn the village but are stopped by a snarling Geebo. Lok and Katie hiss back. The Geebo pounds his chest and screams and Katie and Lok pound their chest and jump up and down to scare it off. Finally Lok pokes it with his spear as he turns around to find Katie's echo and the Geebo runs off. Back at the village a group of villages are arguing. Ved tells them they should take everything and flee over the mountains. But there is no food or game or water. If they give up the valley, the Geebos will stay there forever. Kim suddenly realizes that they are altering the way of life for the village. John tries to think of a way to drive the Geebo off. John says that they can scare off the Geebos. He tells the villages that since they are afraid of fire. He thinks they can using blinding smoke and flaming arrows to scare the Geebos. Ved has doubts, as the Geebo scouts are on the ridge right now. John throws a lit stick from the campfire at them and they run to a safe distance. John thinks they can make enough bows and arrows by tomorrow morning to drive them off. The villages agree to give it a try. The next morning Lok, Katie and Gorok are standing watch and notice that the animals are running from the Geebos. They are gathered and Creen is yelling and waving at the rest of the Geebos to stir them up. John is sitting with the villagers explaining how to use a bow. Katie, Gera and Kim and making arrows with feathers and pitch. Greg and Tana are gathering tar. John asks Tana for her flute. Gorok is tying a thong to string the bow with. Tana brings John the reed flute she plays and John realizes that with other reeds they can add sounds to their attack. John uses the bow to fire Tana's reed with the end lit on fire to demonstrate. Gorok assembles the men to make bows and sends Greg and Tana to get more tar. Kim shows Gera how to make smudge pots out of pots. Katie is sewing feathers. Greg complains. He feels he should be using a bow instead! Katie and Lok are going to hold off Geebo. They run to the edge of the village with large tusk horns to make the sounds of Konga (Tyrannosaurus Rex) because Geebo is afraid of Konga. They blow on the horns to scare off the Geebos and allow the villagers work safely. Katie tries to help but can't do as well. Greg and Tana are still scooping tar into bowls. Back at the village John is training the villagers to shoot bows. Ved and Gorak seem to be natural archers. The village woman are making arrows and worried that there will not be enough. Lok and Katie are still scaring off the Geebos with their noses, but Creen sneaks up behind Katie and sees the trick. He chases Lok and Katie and they can vines to drop braches behind them to slow them down. Kim and Gera are lighting the smudge pots, while the rest of the villagers are running in panic, but John encourages them to gather their bows. The Geebos are yelling and screaming outside of the line of smudge pots and get read to charge. The villagers spread out in a defensive line to fire the arrows. The Geebos are confused by the smoke as a wave of whistling flaming arrows soar over their head and into the swamp. While Kim, Gera and the village women Konga sounds out of tusks at the same time. The Geebos start to turn just as they are running out of arrows. Ved apologizes to John for doubting him while Gorok and Lok are excited about trying to hunt with their new technology! Lok practices trying to fire fruit out of a tree that Greg is resting under. Katie tells Greg to get out of the way, but Greg doesn't think Lok can even hit the fruit. But Lok manages to hit the fruit and brings a cascade down on Greg's head.moreless
  • A Turned Turtle
    A Turned Turtle
    Episode 3
    Kim, Katie, and Lok take a trip to see a hermit about a secret way out of the valley. The hermit tells them it is past the three giant volcano mountain peaks (‘Valley of the Three Giants'). At first Gorak refuses to lead them to the three giant peaks because a Tyrannosaurus lives in that valley (the ‘Valley of the Godon'). He reluctantly agrees to take them. A turtle shell is used as a boat to get to the three giant peaks. A dinosaur attacks them in the water. John, Gorak, and Lok stay in the boat to fight the creature while the others run to hide in the jungle. Two volcanoes explode causing a tidal wave. It carries the men away from the others. A new mountain peak is formed separating the men from the others. Gorak says they must rescue the others before nightfall because of the Tyrannosaurus. It hunts in the night. A tunnel that connects the two valleys is now underwater because of the volcano eruptions. John tells them they will use the turtle shell like a submarine to go through the flooded tunnel. The shell is buffed with wet sand to make it transparent. It is weighted down with rocks. They take a bladder filled with air in case they need it. A giant turtle attacks them underwater. Lok has to bust the bladder to scare it away. They just barely make it through before their air runs out. Meanwhile the others have been looking for the lost trail. They find out it's gone and they are stuck in the valley for now. All of them go back through the flooded tunnel in the turtle shell.moreless
  • What Goes Up
    What Goes Up
    Episode 2
    While digging for roots, the Butlers and the Cave Dwellers see a Tyrannosaurus Rex running from the only thing it is afraid of - fire ants! These hand-size ants are swarming toward the Butler's cave. Lok runs to the village to warn the tribe. The villagers try to get Lok to abandon his family while they run for the hills, but Lok runs back to his family instead. The village is surrounded by army ants. Gorak decides to hold the ants off by surrounding the cave with lit coal. The family digs for coal as fast as they can. Kim gets the idea of making a hot air balloon to take them to the top of the cliff where the ants won't come. They demonstrate the principle to the cave dwellers and they all start stitching hides together. Gorak goes to the cave of Giant Snakes to find enough snake skin to make a balloon. Lok and Katie go to the river to see if the fire ants have crossed the river. They watch the ants chew a tree down and cross the river on it. While John is figuring out how big the balloon should be Lok and Katie return to warn the Butlers that the fire ants are coming from two direction. John thinks this may have trapped Gorak in the cave of snakes and both John and Lok run to find Gorak standing on a tall rock. Lok lights a fire with flint and John and Lok use torches to drive off the ants and rescue Gorak. They race back to camp to find the balloon almost finished. Just then a lightning storm erupts while the ants are almost on them. Tana and Greg throw rocks at the ants to keep them from chewing down more trees to cross the line of flaming coals. John anchors the balloon everyone but Gorak and John climbs aboard. As it starts to rain Greg throws a grapple to the cliff as they pass. Everyone gets out and sends the balloon down for John, Lok and Gorak. Greg throws the grapple at the balloon as it passes but misses. John and Gorak are buffeted by the wind and the rain over the ants. Greg tries again with the grapple and this time John catches it. They pull them onto the cliff but the balloon floats away. Soon the ants have eaten everything and leave. The next day the family cleans up the camp.moreless
  • Forbidden Fruit
    Forbidden Fruit
    Episode 1
    The Butlers and Tana are gathering fruit that looks like an orange. Gorok and Lok come by and tell them to leave the fruit. It is reserved for a Brontosaurus. At that moment the Brontosaurus shows up hungry for the fruit. Everyone leaves the fruit except Greg. He sneaks it back with him to the cave. The Brontosaurus finishes all the fruit and even the leaves on the tree. He smells the fruit that Greg took and follows them back to their cave. The Brontosaurus causes a cave in while trying to get into the cave to get the last of the fruit. They are all trapped in the cave. The cave starts to fill with water from an underground river. Greg and Tana find a way out and scare the Brontosaurus away with a landslide of rocks. In the meantime, the others are siphoning the water out with a bamboo tube to buy some time. Greg drops a vine down through a hole in the ceiling and saves all of them.moreless