Valley of the Dolls

Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 10

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Jun 24, 1994 on

Episode Recap

Ray and Neely begin making out again, but Neely pulls away, and tells him that she can't have sex with him becase she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. When Anne comes home, Ray splits. Neely feels bad, but sees that something is wrong with Annie. Anne is finding herself overwhelmed with Hollywood living, and says that she's thinking about moving back to Wisconsin. Neely succeeds in cheering her roommate up. Later, Anne is jealous when Tim goes out on a date with sexy film producer Kelly Lasker. Neely warns Anne that although Tim is a great guy, he's also a workaholic and a womanizer.

Neely is pissed off at Seth when their first date turns out to not be a date at all, but just another night at The Garage. Neely tells him off, and storms out of the club. Ray witnesses Neely's tantrum, and warns her that her temper could cost her her way to the top. Neely thanks Ray for the sound advice with a kiss on the cheek, and promises to cool it.

Peter feels guilty for having an affair with Caitlin, behind her husband Rick's back. He tells Caitlin that that what they are doing is wrong, and they have to end their affair. Caitlin suspects that Peter wants to end things because her sister Jennifer is back in town. Gordon walks right into a fight between Helen and Jennifer. Later, Jennifer meets with Peter's friend from AA, lingerie photographer Ian Horvath, to make some quick cash. Ian turns out to be a real sleazebag, who's interested in more than just taking pictures of young Jennifer.

Jean Claude blackmails Helen into meeting him alone in his hotel room. He tells her that he knows it's over with him and Jennifer, and he's returning to Europe. Helen is outraged when he tries to blackmail her into sleeping with him again before he goes. She knees him in the crotch when he grabs her and begins passionately kissing her! "Crazy family!" he moans as he falls onto the bed in pain.
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