Valley of the Dolls

Season 1 Episode 12

Episode 12

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Jun 28, 1994 on

Episode Recap

Helen barges into the bathroom of the mansion, while Jennifer is taking a bubblebath. Helen tells her daughter that she's sorry for slapping her. Although after being slapped, she briefly remembered seeing Jean Claude having sex with someone before she crashed her car, Jenn still does not remember that it was her own mother. Again, Helen urges Jenn to take the part as her daughter in her new film. Jenn says no, but Helen is pleased that Jenn has a photo shoot this afternoon. Of course, Helen doesn't know it's for a sleazy lingerie catalogue. Helen wants to make her character in her new film more glamourous, and bugs her new director Nick to make changes to the script to make her character less frumpy. The film's screenplay writer Roger is livid.

Allen takes Anne out for lunch at Corleone's, and acts strangely after he bumps into Nate Stuart there. Nate meets Tim at the restaurant, and tells him that not only is he making him agent at FAM, but he wants Tim to be his right-hand man. Tim is overjoyed to share the news with Anne and Neely, who are both very proud of him. Seth calls Neely to tell her he's sorry, but she hangs up before hearing any of it.

Ian comes onto Jennifer during the lingerie shoot, but she tells the sleazy photographer to keep his paws off the goods. Later, Jenn visits Peter at his office, but he again turns down her sexual advances. Jennifer assumes that it's becase he's still having an affair with her married sister Caitlin. After they fight, Jenn leaves and has sex with Ian at his studio. Afterwards, Jennifer is full of regret.