Vampire High

Season 1 Episode 24

Breaking Up

Aired Unknown Apr 20, 2002 on YTV
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When Karl asks Essie to acknowledge their love in a formal Declaration ceremony, Essie falls sick with a mysterious illness that proves dangerous even to vampires.

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David McIlwraith

David McIlwraith

Dr. Reginald Murdoch

Ilona Elkin

Ilona Elkin

Merrill Young

Jeff Roop

Jeff Roop

`Drew French' Edward Vincente

Karen Cliche

Karen Cliche

Essie Rachimova

Paul Hopkins

Paul Hopkins

Karl Todman

Joris Jarsky

Joris Jarsky

Marty Strickland (Episode 2-26)

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    • Merrill: Then he deserves to know the truth.
      Essie: Oh, no! No, I can't! Merrill, I'm all he has.

    • Merrill: And do you love him?
      Essie: Yes. But he's ... he's not the one.

    • Essie: Ah, Merrill, I have known lots of men. And I've loved a lot of men. But Karl's different, you know, he's genuine. Like everything he does is to tell me how much he loves me.

    • Essie & Karl: By the blood of all those before us, we pledge faithfulness, honesty and respect, now and in the perpetual darkness as our love will shine as an eternal flame.
      Murdoch: With full awareness, you, Essie; and you, Karl; have, within this circle of kin, and with the blessing of the Elders publicly declared your union. You are bound together for eternity.

    • Marty: So Karl, tell us about all the women you'll never have.

    • Karl: Maybe I should serenade you.
      Essie: Oh... maybe not.

    • Merrill: Everything beautiful that you see or hear, you want to share with him. When he walks into the room, nobody else exists. And when he's gone, it's like a part of you is missing. I don't know. You just know.

    • Karl (reciting an Emily Dickenson poem to Essie): It's all I have to bring today. This, and my heart beside. This, and my heart, and all the fields. And all the meadows wide.

    • Karl: To the woman who taught me to be a man - after I was dead.
      Essie: Wait. My turn. To the man who finds the chink in my armor, every time.(they clink glasses)

    • Marty (to Essie about Karl and her): So. How's the sex?

    • Drew: The Declaration. It's a formal ceremony where you pledge your love for each other forever.
      Karl: Whoa. That can be like, centuries.
      Drew: Yeah, no kidding.

    • Karl: Essie knows I'm crazy about her.

    • Karl: No, I mean Essie's nothing if not upfront. I mean, whenever we start to get close, she pulls away! She's a complete mystery to me.
      Drew: The feminine mystique.

    • Karl (reading a Shelley poem): Nothing in the world is single. All things by a law divine. In one spirit meet and mingle. Why not I with thine?

    • Essie (reading a Shakespeare poem): What is love? 'Tis not hereafter. Present mirth hath present laughter. What's to come is still unsure...

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    • Karl: All I have to bring today ...

      This is a reference to the "It's All I Have To Bring Today" poem by Emily Dickinson. The poet states that all one has to offer, in the end, is one's heart, and one's self.

    • Karl: Nothing in the world is single ...

      This is a line taken from Percy Brysshe Shelley's poem "Love's Philosophy". In this poem, Shelley says that everything in the world has its pair or its mate.

    • Essie: What is love? 'Tis not hereafter ...

      This is a reference to the poem "Carpe Diem" from William Shakespeare's play "The Twelfth Night". The poem basically states that love is not long, but fleeting, and that we must enjoy it while we can. "The Twelfth Night" is about fraternal twins Viola and Sebastian who are continually being mistaken for each other and further complicates an already muddled romantic situation.

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