Vampire High

Season 1 Episode 17

Love's Labours Not Lost

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 2002 on YTV



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    • Marty (referring to the date of April 14, 1971): On that very day in Milan, Italy, a woman introduced the world's first designer pizza.

    • (Karl is giving Drew advice about Sherry)
      Karl: You say - "I don't expect you to forgive me." This is very important. Girls love it when guys say that. It gives 'em permission to keep being angry at you.
      Drew: Absolute surrender.
      Karl: Exactly.

    • Karl: All I understand is that love between mortals is one thing. Love between vampires and mortals is something completely different.
      Drew: No, it can't be that different. The feelings are the same.
      Karl: Right. A mortal always risks killing the one he loves.

    • Marty: You and bowling? Am I missing something?
      Essie: The pins stand up so straight and tall. I knock 'em down. I don't know - it speaks to me as something very deep and primal.

    • Karl: A night of bowling has minimum human contact. Actually, a lot of people believe that bowlers are another race entirely. Like golfers.

    • Marty: I'm looking for a woman who died over 30 years ago. Best looking ghost I ever saw. Love the beads, love the hair.

    • Merrill: Professor Murdoch was talking to me about my short story and then suddenly he begins coughing and gagging.
      Marty: That bad, hey? Well so much for your literary future.

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    • Title: Love's Labours Not Lost

      A reference to the play "Love's Labours Lost" by William Shakespeare. In the play, the King of Navarre and three of his friends decide to fast and avoid the company of women for three years, while they devote themselves to academia. Unfortunately for them, the Princess of France and three of her ladies arrive, and tempt them from their oaths.

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