Vampire High

Season 1 Episode 14

Odd Man Out

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2002 on YTV
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Jealous over Essie & Karl's attraction to one another, Marty puts a love spell on Essie, but it may endanger his life. Meanwhile, after Merrill gives Drew a book about vampires finding love, all a hopeful Drew sees is historical proof that humans and vampires can find love together.moreless

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    David McIlwraith

    David McIlwraith

    Dr. Reginald Murdoch

    Meghan Ory

    Meghan Ory

    Sherry Woods (Episode 1-20)

    Ilona Elkin

    Ilona Elkin

    Merrill Young

    Jeff Roop

    Jeff Roop

    `Drew French' Edward Vincente

    Karen Cliche

    Karen Cliche

    Essie Rachimova

    Paul Hopkins

    Paul Hopkins

    Karl Todman

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      • Dr. Murdoch (in a voiceover): Some people find their soulmate right away. Others have to wait. They find pleasure and comfort in other things ... like friendship.

      • Drew: Mortal love is the only real love Merrill.
        Merrill: A vampire's love can last for centuries.
        Drew: It's quality, Merrill...(Drew dips Merrill, and they hold that pose) not quantity.

      • Malcolm (attempting to ask a girl out): I wouldn't call it a date. Think of it more as a ...a timeshare. You give me an hour or two of your time tomorrow night and in return I'll...
        (The girl leaves without a word)

      • Essie (to Karl as she's teaching him to dance): Now if I can get a convention full of orthodontists to sake their booties, I can teach you, come on.

      • Marty (asking Merrill to dance): I may be a short, attention-grabbing clown...but what I lack in humanity, I make up on the dance floor!

      • Merrill (about Essie): Did you guys have a fight?
        Karl: No! A minute ago she was telling me how much she likes me...and now she's playing tonsil hockey with creepo over there!

      • Essie (after she sees the real Marty in the mirror): Marty? A manipulator. A liar. A short, attention grabbing clown that's always looking for a shortcut! Completely selfish. Never doing things for others only for himself. Someone who thinks that the only way to connect with people is by hurting them! That's the real Marty. I could kill you.
        Marty: Uh, you already tried that remember?
        (Essie throws a statue at his head)

      • Merrill (while nursing Marty's stab wound from Essie): She's in love.
        Marty: This isn't love, it's attempted homicide!

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