Vampire High

YTV (ended 2002)


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  • A really smart concept brought down by sub-par acting and mediocre writing that gives you the impress that a teenager was trying to impress a few good friends with his knowledge of vampire myths.

    Okay, I didn't finish the show yet but I watched enough to make a full judgment. Every episode feels sort of like a drag but it still has enough substance to tune me in for the next episode... sometimes. The worst thing about the show is the quality. The actors and actresses are all decent, but no one amazes me. I guess that's a small price to pay because no one disappoints me either. Don't get me wrong, they can act and they do their scenes justice, but I can't seem to remember that ONE scene that won't leave my memory.

    Another bad quality of the show is that every episode is a bottle episode. There are only 5 sets. Sherry and Mimi's bedroom, the common room, the library, Doc's office, and the vampire's underground liar. The character NEVER leave those sets. EVER! Even when they are sick and under care of doctors, the doctors go to the school. It's kind of pathetic that the budget for the show is so low they can't afford a single outside shot. The characters are at least all likable, except for Drew, who I found annoying. It wasn't his fault but the writer's. His character was all over the place and they didn't know where they wanted to go with him. In one episode he's the sensitive puppy-love struck vampire and the next episode he's dark, sarcastic, and nonchalant about everyone except Sherry. His character doesn't stay steady long enough for me to like him, honestly. But the worst thing about the show is that the plot is going NOWHERE. It comes off as more of a educational show for the myth of vampires than an actual drama. There are instances where the plot does make a movement, but sometimes it's for the worst(episode 20). And next to that, the writing is the weakest I have seen in a long time. It feels like the writers can't even keep a decent story to go on for half an hour so they fill us up with junk to run the time low. And while the show does have it's winning moments, it doesn't have the absolute brilliant writing that keeps us coming back for more.

    I guess the only thing kept watching the show for this long was my desire to see where the plot was going(if it was going anywhere at all). Half decent show if you're into forbidden love stories with below average writing.