Vampire High

YTV (ended 2002)


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  • Cutting edge show about vamp teens trying to survive school, love and each other.

    I think that this show is great mainly becouse it is so much different than anything else I watch. My favorite character is without a doubt Marty. He adds the complexity that was lacking in the pilot. The reason for this is that all the characters, while being different from each other hold a certain rigidness that keeps them confined to the character moulds formed for them from the begining, not allowing them to build or develop in the show.The character of Marty on the other hand cannot be predicted, his reaction to varying situations is ever changing but not in a way that lessens the character by overcomplicating him, but in a way that allows for a glimpse into a more complex person. This gives added value to an already wellwritten and impressive peice television art.