Vampire High

Season 1 Episode 1

Rules Are Rules

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 2001 on YTV
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As the first day back at Mansbridge Academy, the day students try to go about life while the night students, the vampires, attempt to adjust to their new surroundings. Meanwhile, Drew, a vampire night student at Mansbridge Academy, develops a psychic connection to human day student, Sherry Woods.moreless

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    Patrick Thomas

    Patrick Thomas

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    Daniel Pilon


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    Jodie Resther

    Jodie Resther

    Mimi Sperling

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      • Dr. Murdoch: (voiceover) For the Mansbridge Experiment to succeed, my night school vampires will have to coexist with my regular day school. For these young predators must learn to live among the living, but invisibly.

      • Dr. Murdoch: (voiceover) A vampire must learn to live among the living, invisibly. A rule that, once broken, leaves both worlds forever changed.

      • Merrill: You have to learn to control your instincts. That's why we're here.
        Drew: That creep's following his instincts, and I'm following mine.
        Merrill: Then you're no better than him.

      • (Sherry wasn't playing attention in class)
        Sherry: Oh, what was the question?
        Nick: He asked if you had sex over the holidays.
        Sherry: The answer is yes. Several times.

      • Dr. Murdoch: You are here to learn the three S's. Self-control. You must temper your cravings. Solidarity. If one of you fails, you all fail. Social graces...
        Essie: Don't draw blood on your first date?
        Dr. Murdoch: Close enough.

      • Karl: (about Sherry) Wouldn't she look good between two slices of bread?

      • Karl: I'm a high-tech guy in a low-tech basement.

      • Mimi: Are you Prince Charming?
        Nick: No, I'm a pizza delivery boy.

      • Dr. Murdoch: Why are you here, Sherry?
        Sherry: Because my parents have nothing better to do with their money. Why are you here?
        Dr. Murdoch: To help you take control of your life.
        Sherry: Don't you have anything better to do with yours?
        Dr. Murdoch: No.

      • Karl: After drinking blood, I don't know if I'm up for a burger and fries.

      • Sherry: Well, here I am again. Back at school. And even though I'm surrounded by people, nothing changes. I still feel like I'm all alone. It's like there's this emptiness inside me that's trying to swallow me up. And I keep hoping to find someone. Someone who really gets me. Who likes me for me, and not for who they want me to be. Where is he? The one special person who will rescue me from loneliness.

      • Merrill: Hi. I'm Merrill.
        Drew: I know.
        Merrill: I thought I'd introduce myself since we're all new here.
        Drew: Hi Merrill. I'm cellmate #666.
        Merrill: I didn't know we were in prison.
        Drew: No? Look around you. Does this seem like paradise to you?

      • Dr. Murdoch: Pick up your first assignments as you leave. Any cheating is punishable immediate expulsion. Oh. As is the other cardinal rule around here. No mixing with the day school.
        Essie: They must be rich kids.
        Karl: Good. I have expensive taste.
        Dr. Murdoch: No mixing!

      • (Dr. Murdoch is going over test results with the vampires)
        Dr. Murdoch: Overall, not a bad showing. You all possess a strong intelligence and a keen intuition. With one exception. Karl. There's one key question that seemed to have you stumped. "Choose one adjective that describes a vampire's basic nature." Simple enough, don't you think? And what did you answer, Karl? (he slides the paper over to Karl for him to look at) Horny.

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