Vampire High

Season 1 Episode 20

The Awakening

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 2002 on YTV
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After being expelled from Mansbridge Academy, Drew reveals his true identity but before he can leave, mortal Sherry falls mysteriously ill and he considers turning her and taking her with him. Meanwhile, Merrill is distraught over Drew's expulsion and takes to drastic measures, and Karl finds vampire laws that could save Drew.moreless

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    David McIlwraith

    David McIlwraith

    Dr. Reginald Murdoch

    Meghan Ory

    Meghan Ory

    Sherry Woods (Episode 1-20)

    Ilona Elkin

    Ilona Elkin

    Merrill Young

    Jeff Roop

    Jeff Roop

    `Drew French' Edward Vincente

    Karen Cliche

    Karen Cliche

    Essie Rachimova

    Paul Hopkins

    Paul Hopkins

    Karl Todman

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      • Dr. Murdoch: (voiceover) The power of choice can be a dangerous thing. For humans, it can mean the difference between success and failure. For a vampire, it can mean the difference between life or a fate much worse than death.

      • Karl: What was Drew's crime, really? He loved a woman...a mortal woman... and he was prepared to risk everything for that. Was that the result of a baser instinct, a predatory nature? Dark savage impulses? No! It was a result of that most common of all afflictions: human frailty! I submit that Drew French's crime is none other than human weakness. You and the Elders have condemned Drew for his newfound humanity; the very thing the experiment hoped to achieve. I rest my case.

      • Dillan: Life sucks sometimes, doesn't it?

      • Karl: Yes! I think I figured the way to defend him.
        Merrill: Will Murdoch buy it?
        Karl: It's all in the presentation, my dear. That's what passes for justice in the real world.

      • Merrill: There can't be anyone else, only the One...don't you understand?

      • Dr. Murdoch: I write this with a heavy heart. One of our own is leaving Mansbridge...

      • Essie: Karl, reading? I thought I'd seen everything!

      • (Drew has just told Sherry that he is a vampire)
        Sherry: Right, yeah and I bet your uncle Karl's a vampire too, and you all work at Skippy's Vampire Grill, but only at night because you'd fry during the daytime...and you don't have a cellphone because a vampire wouldn't be caught dead with one. How am I doing?
        Drew: Mostly right.

      • Dillan: Yeah, well, the rule says everyone's supposed to die but nobody wants to. Ain't life a bitch?

      • Merrill: Drew is my One - and there is nothing that can change that.

      • Merrill: This can't be! This is not his destiny, nor mine.

      • Dr. Murdoch (annoucing Drew's sentence): It is the command of the Elders that you will leave Mansbride after the stroke of midnight, to wander the earth in exile for the rest of your days.
        Karl: Don't you think that's a little harsh for having the hots for some mortal?

      • Sherry (to Drew): You're a creepy guy, you know that?

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