Vampire High

Season 1 Episode 7

The Bleeding Frenzy

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 2001 on YTV
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Murdoch tries to wean the students off real-blood. Essie and Marty win a lottery to go to town to test the experiment. Merrill decides to help Drew meet Sherry in person. However, something goes wrong with their recent blood ration and all the vampires suffer withdrawl.

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  • The VAmpire's receive blood alotments to wean them off blood, this time they receive blood with all nutrients removed. They begin to suffer blood frenzy and they need blood. Will they attack mortals for what they need. How does the Professor subdue Karl?moreless

    With this episode a number of questions arise, but the most important is what is the Professor. Karl suffers the most in the blood frenzy and attacks the Professor, who can with stand a full blown attack of a Vampire. The Professor subdues him, so if he can subdue a Vampire in full strength is he also a Vampire. But we do not know if he sleeps or for that matter when does he eat. And why is he not afraid to confront these young Vampires when they are fired up with the blood urge, when mere mortals would cringe.Like I said this series is quite fascinating when you have watched about 5 to 6 episodes you are hooked.moreless
Felicia Schulman

Felicia Schulman

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Adam MacDonald

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Patrick Thomas

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    • Dr. Murdoch: (voiceover) The taming of the ancient urges is a constant struggle for my vampire students. However, underneath their ravenous nature lies the simple needs of all teenagers: to be needed, to be loved. But this bonding that could mean so much is still far off. And the bloodlust that controls the wheel of their lives continues to hold it's grip.

    • Dr. Murdoch: Finding someone to love is a difficult quest, Merrill.
      Merrill: Is it worth the pain?
      Dr. Murdoch: Is that what you're feeling?
      Merrill: Surprised for someone of my species?! Or is it subspecies?!
      Dr. Murdoch: Merrill.
      Merrill: It's like I don't even exist. Still, he's all I can think about. I don't know what to do.
      Dr. Murdoch: The way to cure an obsession is to confront it.
      Merrill: How?
      Dr. Murdoch: By giving, not by wanting. But be delicate.
      Merrill: With him?
      Dr. Murdoch: No. With you. It's your heart, after all.

    • Dr. Murdoch: (voiceover) Each day, my students and I take small steps. But to succeed, I must wean them off what they crave. For as long as their addiction stands and their ravenous nature continues to boil, they will be a threat not only to others, but to themselves.

    • Sherry: This is so wild. You look so familiar. Are you sure we haven't met?
      Drew: Well, um...
      Sherry: Do you believe in fate?
      (Drew starts to feel the hunger and groans)
      Sherry: I can't believe I just said that. I'm sorry. I, I get this way sometimes. I'm too romantic. My mother says I wear my heart on my sleeve.
      Drew: No. No, I believe in fate.

    • Sherry: Are you always this mysterious?
      Drew: It's in my blood.

    • Drew: You just don't get it.
      Merrill: I got that you're obsessed with this mortal, Sherry, and that you don't get anything else.
      Drew: There is nothing else.

    • (Dr. Murdoch draws Marty's name out of the hat)
      Marty: Destiny calls for a "Marty Party"!

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