Vampire High

Season 1 Episode 19

The Portrait

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 2002 on YTV
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Episode Summary

While pursuing their romance, Sherry convinces Drew to paint her portrait which leads to an unexpected side effect as well as the revelation of Drew's past - and true name.

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    David McIlwraith

    David McIlwraith

    Dr. Reginald Murdoch

    Meghan Ory

    Meghan Ory

    Sherry Woods (Episode 1-20)

    Ilona Elkin

    Ilona Elkin

    Merrill Young

    Jeff Roop

    Jeff Roop

    `Drew French' Edward Vincente

    Karen Cliche

    Karen Cliche

    Essie Rachimova

    Paul Hopkins

    Paul Hopkins

    Karl Todman

    Veronique Clusiau

    Veronique Clusiau

    Beatrice (Female Model)

    Guest Star

    Marianne Farley

    Marianne Farley

    Dillan Vanderson

    Recurring Role

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      • Dr. Murdoch: (voiceover) Creativity gives life. A song, a poem, a story, a painting. Each form a portrait revealing who and what we are.

      • (Marty enters the room with a withered plant in his hands)
        Marty: Who killed my plant?
        Karl: Could it be lack of sunlight?

      • Dr. Murdoch: (voiceover) Of all human endeavors, creativity ranks the highest. For it brings life into the world. For a vampire, fostering creativity is especially important, since their basic impulse is to take life, not to give it.

      • Dr. Murdoch (to Drew): It is with the deepest regret that I am recommending your immediate expulsion from Mansbridge Academy.

      • Sherry: I want you to paint me.
        Drew: I don't think I can.
        Sherry: Oh, come on. To be captured on canvas by the one you love. What could be more romantic? Hmm?
        Drew: Will you pose nude?
        Sherry: Only if you paint nude.

      • Dillan: How's lover boy?
        Sherry: His name's Drew.
        Dillan: Yeah? Drew what?
        Sherry: Just Drew.
        Dillan: You've been seeing this guy for how long and you don't even know his last name?
        Sherry: What's the big deal?
        Dillan: In my books, no last name equals secrets.
        Sherry: In my books, you're just jealous.
        Dillan: Right. You're driving blind, girl. I bet you you don't even have his phone number. Face it. You don't know this guy at all.

      • Sherry (to Drew): I'd like to see you in the sunlight for once.

      • Essie: There are only five things that kill vampires, Karl. Sun, stakes, silver, decapitation and country music.
        Karl: You don't like country?
        Essie: I hate country.

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