Vampire Knight

TV Tokyo (ended 2008)



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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 4/7/08
      Long ago, Yuki was wandering hopelessly in the wintry night when a vampire suddenly attacked her. However, another vampire soon came to her rescue.

      Now, Yuki Cross is acting as a Guardian at Cross Academy together with Zero Kiryu. This academy is split into the Day Class and the Night Class, and the two Guardians' duty is to keep the true identity of the Night Class hidden from the other students.moreless
    • 4/14/08
      As St. Xocolatl's Day approaches, many of the Day Class students prepare chocolates for the Night Class. Headmaster Cross supports this tradition, but needs Yuki and Zero to keep everyone in order. Zero is suffering from some kind of illness, but refuses the medicine offered by the headmaster.
    • 4/21/08
      Yuki leaves Cross Academy in order to chase after Zero, but she is attacked by a vampire. Kaname complains to Headmaster Cross about Zero's current state. Will Zero's problem keep him from protecting Yuki? Will he finally give into his desires?
    • 4/28/08
      Yuki suffers from the shock of discovering Zero's secret. Kaname and Headmaster Cross must decide what to do with Zero. Yuki tries to talk to Kaname, but is waylaid by Aido. Will Zero act on his self-destructive urges, now that he has hurt Yuki?
    • 5/5/08
      Yuki is given a bracelet that, when pressed to Zero's tattoo, can stop him when he needs to be controlled. A new teacher arrives at Cross Academy. Why does Zero seem to know him? Zero and Yuki leave Cross Academy to run an errand for the Headmaster, but Yuki is attacked by a vampire. Yuki and Zero attend a birthday party for one of the Night Class students.moreless
    • Their Choices
      Episode 6
      Yagari, who trained Zero to be a vampire hunter, must make a choice about what to do with Zero. Seeing Zero attack Yuki has only made things worse. Yuki is determined to save Zero and is willing to try anything to help.
    • The Scarlet Maze
      Episode 7
      Yuki, Zero, and Kaname reflect on their pasts. Yuki remembers her experiences with Kaname after he saved her, and she remembers experiences with Zero.
    • 5/26/08
      Ichijo's grandfather decides to visit Cross Academy causing the Night Class to panic. Zero is sent to kill a Level E vampire as a test to see if he can take on his duties as a vampire hunter. Shiki and Rima are also sent after the same Level E.
    • Crimson Gaze
      Episode 9
      A new student enters the Night Class. Who is she, and why does Zero seem to know her? Meanwhile, the Day Class discusses the upcoming dance party.
    • 6/9/08
      Something has been bothering Zero, and it involves Maria. What role did she have in Zero's past, and who is her mysterious helper?
    • 6/16/08
      Cross Academy hosts a dance where both the Day and Night classes can attend. Will Yuki agree to Maria's trade in order to save Zero from becoming a Level E? What does Ichiru have planned for Zero?
    • 6/23/08
      What will happen to Yuki now that she has decided to sacrifice herself? Can Zero save her, or will Shizuka, who returns to her body, stop him?
    • Crimson Chains
      Episode 13
      As Shizuka lays dying, Ichiru experiences flashbacks of the past. Can Zero be saved now that Shizuka is gone, or will he become a Level E vampire? The vampires of the Night Class are confused about the recent events.
  • Season 2
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