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Submission Guidelines and Forum Rules

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    I'm sure most of us know the rules for submitting information on this site, but here are some guidelines anyway.

    Adding/Editing Episodes: You should add a source for this information. If there is not a summary yet for the episode, then leave it blank. Make sure all the information is accurate.

    Episode Summary: This should summarize what the episode is about, of course. A summary should not come from the manga because an anime doesn't always follow the manga's storyline exactly. A summary should be more than one sentence and also not be too detailed or too long because that is what recaps are for. It should not spoil any surprises the episode contains for those people who have not seen it.

    Episode Recaps: These should be long and detailed to cover the entire episode. That means that it should usually be over 5 paragraphs in length. (You know, like your school reports.) To make a recap as accurate as possible, type it up in a program where you can use spell check first.

    Cast: Provide a source for this. You can use the cast on the show's cast list as a source for the episode cast, but make sure that the cast you add is actually in that episode. Some of the cast changes from episode to episode. If you are adding cast that is not on the show's cast list, then use an outside source. Add everyone at once, too.

    Crew: Almost the same as the cast.

    Quotes: Don't try to submit pointless quotes. They should be from a funny or important scene of the anime. They should include more than one character, unless it's a good and interesting quote. Be sure to add some backround information on the quote too, so the reader knows what is happening in that scene.

    Notes/Trivia/Allusions: Follow the guidelines for these. You can add the Japanese title of an episode under Notes. Notes is anything interesting about the episode that is off-screen which means it did not happen in the episode. This can deal with production facts. Trivia is about the stuff in the actual episode which usually consists of mess-ups or something like that. These things happened on-screen. Allusions are references to other works. Some notes/allusions should include a source.

    Character Names: I want to make everyone aware of this. The manga and groups that sub Vampire Knight writes the names of some of the characters differently than the anime's official site does. In order to keep the character names the same, I will be going by the names of the characters on the official anime site for Vampire Knight. You can find a link to the site on the user-submitted news on the guide.

    Other Stuff: Make sure there is no grammer or spelling errors in your submission. (I'm sure there is some errors in these guidelines. lol.) Don't submit too many submissions for the same guide in one day. (Like over 15 or 20.) I have a life outside of, you know. Also follow the submission guidelines. I will check sources, so make sure your source is reliable. Don't copy and paste information from another site. It's called plagarism, and is against the rules. I award a trusted contributor status to those I feel deserve it and submit good information. Don't ask to be a TC.

    FORUMS!!! Yay!!!

    No spamming, bad language, advertising, etc. You know the usual forum rules.

    Don't double post unless there has been no reply for a while.

    Don't use an off-site link. (If you want to give an off-site link, post it somewhere else like in a blog or PM.)

    Don't post a new topic if there is already one on the same subject.

    If you include a spoiler and the topic doesn't warn of spoilers, put it in a spoiler tag.


    If I edit these guidelines, I'll add in this thread's title that it was updated and give the latest date it was updated on.

    Oh, and I enjoy reading comments people make when submitting information.

    Other than that...enjoy Vampire Knight!!!

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns.

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    I will leave the former editor's useful submission guidelines up. PM me if you have any questions about contributing. Enjoy!
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