Vampire Knight

Season 1 Episode 2

Memories of Blood

Aired Monday 11:55 PM Apr 14, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and the some of the Day Class members are preparing chocolates for the Night Class. Meanwhile, Zero is having trouble with his sudden urges to drink blood.

    This was another great episode of Vampire Knight. To begin with, it followed the manga very well, but I did notice one difference. In this episode, the noble vampires are revealed to have special powers like the power to control fire or ice. This wasn't revealed until a little bit later into the story in the manga.
    Yet again, Aidou is my favorite character. I can't help but laugh at his hilarious personality. I still do not like how Kaname was drawn, but I love how they drew Zero!!! Yuki is so clueless sometimes that it makes me laugh, but I like her personality, too. Headmaster Cross reminds me so much of Haruhi's dad from Ouran High School Host Club. (I know that they have the same voice actor.)
    Vampire Knight has done a great job of mixing both a serious tone and a humurous tone. The part with Yuki making chocolates made me laugh. Then, I also laughed when Aidou gets stopped by Kaname when he tries to get his chocolate before he is permitted. The serious parts come into play with Zero and his attacks. It's kind of sad how he's going through this change, and he doesn't ask for any help. I look forward to these more serious scenes in the future episodes. Overall, this episode was wonderful.