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  • Great plot line. Horrific Ending. Fans thirsty for season 3.

    Literally, the anime was GREAT. Damn great. From the romance to the drama, everything was . The ending was what annoyed me. It was ridiculous! This is what threw me off. ***Slight Spoiler warning (not that important)*** I hated how Yuki left with Kaname Kuran and how Zero Kiryu said he'd kill her someday, even though they were childhood friends! ***Slight Spoiler over*** But this doesn't necessarily make the anime bad. This just makes it a gigantic cliffhanger, making fans mad. The ending was . It didn't make a lot of sense and it made fans mad. Season 2 of VK ended in December 29, 2008, and it has nearly been 8 years since the next release. This is really making me know the manga goes it isn't as entertaining as the anime itself, I couldn't really "visualize" perfectly what was happening. I know it takes awhile to make another season, producers, but really, seven years of waiting. I can't. I don't think I'll be able to take any other anime seriously until I watch the next season of Knight is way too good.
  • Great potential slighly let down by Lead.

    Vampire knight and it's subsequent series Vampire knight guilty is a show that many brush over as the premise appears little bit more "Twilight" than many would like. This almost stopped me, however i have been pleasantly surprised by how intriguing i have found the show so far. The animation is sound, the music is greatly atmospheric and fitting, and the voice actors on the English Dub are well cast. The show creates some brilliant the tension between the vampire's and the hunters association, and there is a whole cast of characters that you long to know more about. The main character, Yuki, however lets story down. Yuki is sweet, caring, loyal, yet a lot of the time painfully vapid and unaware of her surroundings. The most annoying part of this is how much better the series would have been if it were told from the perspective of literally ANY of the other characters. Even the Headmaster who seems like he's on happy pills 75% of the time has a more engaging character than doe eyed Yuki Cross. Overall it is a good show, i only hope that Yuki will get a clue as the series progresses (i am up to series two now, and so far she has
  • drdan2410

    the only reason this didnt do it for u i cause your old u watch all the shows old ppl watch and wat most parents watch like ncis criminal minds and a whole buntch more

    and u dont understand cause u dont watch vampire movies like most of us
  • Yuki Cross's oldest memory is of being attacked by and vampire only to be saved by another vampire. Kaname Kuran is a student in the night class at Cross academy. He is also a vampire and responsible for saving Yuki's life.

    When I first saw this I was amazed at how interesting it was. They vampires aren't your traditional vampires but that's what makes it interesting. This anime is one of the best I've seen in a long time. The characters are all likable and you can't help but want more after seeing the first episode. It introduces you to three people Kaname Kuran, Zero Kiryu and Yuki Cross who's caught in between. Who will win Yuki's heart? I consider this anime to be very groundbreaking and unappreciated. I would recommend this to any anime or vampire fan. Truly a great show.
  • This show had great potential but just didn't do it for me.

    The show is set in Cross Academy, a school with a day class of normal humans and a night class of vampires. It is upto Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu as prefects (and the only students who know the truth about the night class) to keep the two classes seperate.

    The show choses to concentrate more on the emotional and drama side of the situation than on any action scenes. Although this works for a few episodes the formula of Zero trying to live a normal life whilst turning into a vampire and Yuki pining over Kaname quickly becomes very dull. Although I have to say the end of the second season is avast improvement. It is justa shame that it took so long to get there.
  • the romantic commentary about a teen girl,Yuuki, whose heart is torn between her vampire rescuer, Kaname, and her protector and friend, Zero. The story that follows is full of secrets and suspense that will keep the viewer engaged from first to last...

    one of the best anime series out there. The biggest drawback is its length, of only 26 episodes across 2 seasons (13 each). Still, thoroughly enjoyable and I confess to watching the entire second season in one sitting. Probably not the best thing to do since there isn't any more episodes in the making as far as i know... The plot is thoroughly maintained through out both seasons, with only minor details overlooked are probably due to translation errors rather than actual inconsistencies in the plot (in the 3rd episode, Yuuki says that its her first time in the night dorm, but later in the series, episode 7, Yuuki falls asleep in the night dorm while waiting to see Kaname at the time of the foundation of the school). A huge amount of credit goes to the creator of the manga version of vampire knight, Matsuri Hino (sorry if i got the name wrong). From what I know, there are currently 6 of the books out, with two or more on the way.
    The story is very well mixed with light humour, romance and blood present throughout, keeps many types of audiences entertained constantly. Again, the only real problem that I have with the series is its length, but all good things must come to an end. All in all 9.5/10...

    I'm interested to know about any more plot flaws or indeed if the one that I mentioned is legit, or a translation error... I watched it in Japanese, with English subtitles... comment, please and thank you
  • Based off the manga by Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight is about Yuki Cross, who has very few memories of her past but she is now a guardian with zero which is vampire human thing because the hole knight are vampires. so this is a bad summary yes it is

    one of the best amnia i ever say but it is over sad it last about 26 episode i think i can not write alot so I'm just going to write dots few if it works . . . . . .. .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .it is a good show altogether i hope they bring it back more dots . . . . . . . . .but i don't think they it is still not in English yet i hope the can
  • The endless possibilitys in an anime.

    This show/manga is about two main students, Yuki Cross, and Zero Kiryu, who attend a school called "Cross Academy". But it isn't your average academy, no, There are two different classes, the normal Day class, and the night class. And the night class is filled with.. Vampires!
    A little history on Yuki Cross, She was adopted by the headmaster of cross academy, and now works alongside zero to gaurd the academy's secret. Yuki belives its possible for Humans and vampires to exist peacefully, But will it ever end up that way?
    Overall this is my favorite anime yet, It Keeps me on the edge of my seat, and I just keep begging for more!
  • really.... who thought of this????

    Vampire Knight (ヴァンパイア騎士, Vanpaia Naito?) is a shōjo manga and anime series written by Matsuri Hino. The series premiered in the January 2005 issue of LaLa magazine and is still on-going. Chapters are collected and published in collected volumes by Hakusensha, with nine volumes currently released in Japan. The manga series is licensed in English by Viz Media. The English adaptation premiered in the July 2006 issue of Viz's Shojo Beat magazine, with the collected volumes being published on a quarterly basis.

    Two drama CDs were created for the series, as well as a twenty-six episode anime adaptation. Produced by Studio Deen, the anime series' first season aired in Japan on TV Tokyo between April 8, 2008 and July 1, 2008. The second season, titled Vampire Knight Guilty, began airing on the same TV station on October 7, 2008 and is currently running. The anime uses many of the same voice actors as were used for the drama CDs.

    Yuki Cross's earliest memory is of a snowy night in winter, when she was attacked by one vampire and was saved by another, Kaname Kuran.Yuki is the adopted daughter of the Headmaster of Cross Academy, Cross Kaien and has grown up and became a prefect for the school with one main purpose: to protect the Human Day Class Students and the Vampire Night Class Students from each other. Her fellow guardian, Zero Kiryu, a childhood companion whose parents were killed by a pureblood vampire, is now determined to kill them all and refuses to trust them. Through a cruel twist of fate, Zero becomes a vampire himself, having been bitten by a pure-blood vampire four years before, Shizuka Hio. Kaname leads the group of Night class as their President, with the help of Takuma Ichijo, the Vice-president.
  • This anime is great.

    Vampire Knight is one of my favorite animes because it's got plenty of action, comedy and romance. After watching the first episode I was hooked for life. I'd have to say Kaname is my favorite because he's sort of a loner, to me anyways, and you can never really tell whats going on in his mind. The vampire's in this anime are very interesting because they all have different attitudes and abilities too, which is probably why I'm so interested in this anime. Each episode keeps me wondering what's going to happen next. I hope this anime keeps on going for a long time.
  • A school is thought to be a normal high school for kids, with a day class and a night class. But the night class are actually vampires. Lead by Kaname. Yuki and Zero try to keep watch over the class but their love triangle gets complicated.

    This is my personal favorite Anime. It is full of action, makes you think, and has a good deal of romance in it. Zero and Yuki would be a perfect couple in my opinion but Kaname may get in between them. This anime never ceases to give you a twist or a turn or do something to make the show more interesting. I do like how this unlike many shows isn't just action, there is a lot of focus on the relation ship between the characters and how that relationship affects everything and then the mental anguish she is going through. My personal favorite character is Zero. He has the worst struggle, he hates vampires and was a vampire hunter, but due to the fact that he has been bitten by a pure blood is now turning in to a vampire.
  • The best!

    This is my personal favorite. I came across the manga about two years ago, and I'm very happy that there's an anime for it now! At first I was a little disappointed that it didn't follow the manga exactly, but you know? I'm kind of glad it doesn't. I mean, what would be the use of watching it if you already know exactly what's going to happen? With the little differences, you get extra Vampire Knightisms! Also, the manga gets a bit confusing for me sometimes, and I always had trouble keeping some of the characters straight. With the anime, it's a whole lot easier to tell the difference, and I've fallen in love with characters I never paid attention to in the manga!
  • A few months ago I stumbled over the manga and couldn`t stop reading it. Now there is the anime and I watch it every week.

    Yuuki is a student at an extraordinary school. During day time there it seems normal. But at night,it is a school for Vampires. Sounds stupid, Am I right? But though the first episode seems for me a little bit boring, once you give it a chance and continue watching it, Vampire Knight turns out to have a thrillig story line and you find yourself unable to stop. It`s one of those series who start out a little slow, but then become more and more intersting with every episode. The characters develope and we get to find out some of their secrets. I recommend this show to everyone who loves anime and wants to try out something new.
  • Vampire Knight...woo...i love this show!!!

    ive watched other vampire type anime but so far to me this is the best one yet.story line is intriguing and the characters come alive with each new episode. the mysterious relationship between kaname and yuuki is very much the reason why i watch this particular anime. the handsome bunch of vampires of the night class also helps. :) and of course zero's fate is very intriguing and whether there is a confrontation with kaname is very interesting. personally, i hope there is a happy ending for kaname and Yuuki. Or Zero will not turn to a level E vampire. this anime makes me laugh and can even make me cry.
  • I found this show on the "related" animes section while watching my favorite anime, D. Gray Man. I am very glad that I clicked on it. This show rocks!

    Vampire Knight is about a young girl in highschool named Yuuki who doesn't exactly have an ordinary past. When she was just a child, Yuuki encountered a blood thirsty vampire. She was frightened and thought for sure that it would be the end, but then a good, pureblooded vampire named Kaname saves her. He erases her memory thinking it would be for the best, but she ends up remembering on her own. They become really good friends, and Kaname always watches over her even if he is a pureblooded vampire and she is a human. Life goes on, and then she is adopted by the man who is in charge of the highschool she will go to in the future. Everything continues semi-normally until a boy named Zero who is only a little older than Yuuki moves in. Yuuki greets Zero, but he seems very shy. She soon finds out this is because he was a vampire hunter, but he was attacked by a vampire. His life has basically been destroyed since his entire family was apparently killed by a pureblooded vampire. When he sees Kaname, he freaks out, and tries to kill him, but Kaname easily stops his attack. Yuuki doesn't want anything bad to happen to Zero and Kaname. Soon after, Zero is also adopted. Yuuki tries to keep peace between humans and vampires like Zero and Kaname because she knows that not all of them are evil, even though some still are. Humans at Yuuki's highschool take a day class, while vampires take a night class. Only Yuuki and Zero, who are prefects, ever truly know this. Vampire Knight is filled with love, comedy, and drama. Some violence occurs, but it is still a very deep anime. There are also many twists in it. Be prepared to watch a very suspenseful anime unless, of course, you read the manga unlike me. :P
  • I love this show! I found it after looking at shows close to Trinity Blood, and have formed a new addiction with Vampire Knight.

    So far, there are only a few episodes, and the plot keeps getting deeper, more twisted, and more wonderful. There are so many warring sides, both inside and outside the characters. Zero is at a war with himself, and the Night Class, Yuuki is at war with her heart, and there are so many more intricacies within all the characters. Plus, it has one of my all time favorite creatures, vampires. This anime has everything. Romance, suspense, anguish, humor, (adiou in particular) mystery, and some action. I love Wednesdays, as that is usually when the website shoku-dan has finished their subbed version of Vampire Knight. The only thing wrong with this anime is that they only show it once every week!
  • Vampire Knight is an adolescent take on the unending (if undeclared) war between humans and vampires. Set at the imaginatively titled Cross Academy.

    Based off the manga by Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight is about Yuki Cross. She has very few memories of her childhood. In fact, she only remembers the day she was attacked by a vampire, only to be rescued by another vampire. That was 10 years ago, and in the now, Yuki is a prefect at the Cross Academy, and the headmaster of the academy is her adoptive father. The Cross Academy is a place that not only accepts humans, but vampires as well, with the two being separated between the Day and the Night classes. Yuki acts as a guardian between the classes to protect Kaname Clan, the one who saved her 10 years ago, whose strong feelings for Yuki, may be hidden in her forgotten past. Alongside Yuki is Zero Kiryu who hates vampire for killing his parents many years ago.
  • Pretty cool show.

    Well, being how it only has 2 episodes and I don't read the manga, it's a little slow, but I see that it has potential so I'll continue to watch. After watching 2 episodes with not a lot of action, I decided to spoil myself with some, well, spoilers! I learned a few things, not a lot, but just enough to say that I can't wait to see it happen in the anime! Even though it doesn't have a lot of action, the whole storyline is quite interesting. It's about this school that has 2 classes: a Day class and a Night class. The night class is full of vampires and it's up to 2 Guardians to ensure that no one learns of their demonic secret. Good show!