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TV Tokyo (ended 2008)





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  • the romantic commentary about a teen girl,Yuuki, whose heart is torn between her vampire rescuer, Kaname, and her protector and friend, Zero. The story that follows is full of secrets and suspense that will keep the viewer engaged from first to last...

    one of the best anime series out there. The biggest drawback is its length, of only 26 episodes across 2 seasons (13 each). Still, thoroughly enjoyable and I confess to watching the entire second season in one sitting. Probably not the best thing to do since there isn't any more episodes in the making as far as i know... The plot is thoroughly maintained through out both seasons, with only minor details overlooked are probably due to translation errors rather than actual inconsistencies in the plot (in the 3rd episode, Yuuki says that its her first time in the night dorm, but later in the series, episode 7, Yuuki falls asleep in the night dorm while waiting to see Kaname at the time of the foundation of the school). A huge amount of credit goes to the creator of the manga version of vampire knight, Matsuri Hino (sorry if i got the name wrong). From what I know, there are currently 6 of the books out, with two or more on the way.
    The story is very well mixed with light humour, romance and blood present throughout, keeps many types of audiences entertained constantly. Again, the only real problem that I have with the series is its length, but all good things must come to an end. All in all 9.5/10...

    I'm interested to know about any more plot flaws or indeed if the one that I mentioned is legit, or a translation error... I watched it in Japanese, with English subtitles... comment, please and thank you
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