Vampire Knight

Season 2 Episode 13

Vampire's Knight

Aired Monday 11:55 PM Dec 29, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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    OMG I found out that there is a season three in so Start believing yuukixzero fans cause zero and yuuki got kids and sadly something happend so if you think it is over than you are very WRONG!Go to and search vampire knight season 3 to know and dream on and hope that yuuki and zero will stay together!
  • Finally, tha last episode to finish this season. Saddly, not what I expected...

    In this episode is the final battle against Rido, the crazy, bloodlust vampire trying to devour Yuuki. The battle ended to short with not enough action, and excitement. After that comes the question that everyone asks "Who will Yuuki end up with? Kaname or Zerö?" (Warning: Mayor Spoilers) I am sad to say for all ZeroxYuuki fans that Yuuki ends up with Kaname (not that I hate him or anything). Yuuki and Kaname end up leaving the academy with Ruka, Aidou and Akatsuki. Leaving Sayori (Yuuki's best friend), the Chairman and poor Zero behind. Zero then decides with Yuuki that he must do his job and kill Yuuki in the future, even though he still loves her... On top of that, Shiki and Rima are determined to find return Ichijou's sword who misteriously disappeared. Now what kind of ending is THAT? I really do hope there is a season 3, or else this could be one of the saddest, and worst endings I've seen. Also, there are still questions unanswered, it would be very bad if the series ended like this. Well, atleast thats MY opinion.
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