Vampire Princess Miyu

A&E (ended 2006)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Eternal Sleep
      The Eternal Sleep
      Episode 26
      Miyu is struggling with her fight against the last Shinma who turns out to be Chisato. Larva tries to help her, but is trapped in an unknown space and confronted by the bird Shinma Shidon...
    • The Last Shinma
      The Last Shinma
      Episode 25
      The birds are after Miyu's life. After they send in their best Shinma to Tokiwa Gakuen, Miyu disappears in order to protect her friends from becoming involved. However, the birds find an unexpected way to deprive Miyu of her powers and Miyu must now reveal her true identity to Chisato and the others.moreless
    • 7.7
      Not being able to adapt to high school life, the solitary Tokiya visits Hokkaido to heal his wounded heart. There, at a marsh, he encounters a golden bird who bestows him the power of Shinma. Tokiya returns to the streets of Tokiwadai as an assassin with the mission of killing Miyu. Miyu recognizes his true motive in no time, and the two confront each other.moreless
    • Confrontation
      Episode 23
      In mid-summer Tokyo, people are dying mysteriously covered in ice. Miyu finds out that the victims are all in fact stray Shinamas, and instinctively attributes the killings to Reiha. But why has Reiha suddenly embarked on a Shinma hunt in this manner?
    • Once Upon a Time
      Episode 22
      We're back in the Taisho era. Unaware of her true identity, Miyu is living as a normal girl with her mother. The annual show put on by the traveling theatre company is in the village, and all of the entertainers just adore Miyu. In the meantime, the stray Bird Shinma Tonbi and his followers is lurking in the shadows, plotting to kill Miyu off before she awakens as a guardian.moreless
    • Flag of Shinma
      Episode 21
      Miyu wanders into a mysterious village being attacked by the three stray Shinma brothers, who kill the villagers and vandalize their homes. On top of this, they demand the village chief to hand over his daughter Sato, as their bride. Learning that the chief is the descendant of the Shinma protectors who once kept watch over the guardian, Miyu decides to help them.moreless
    • 7.6
      A butterfly leads Miyu to a girl named Ruri Sone, whose father Hiroshi confines himself to a large hot house during the night, after a fire incident in the premise. Ruri is worried about her father becoming increasingly introverted, but Miyu detects the scent of the Shinma in the hot house full of beautiful butterflies.moreless
    • Love of the Dolls
      Episode 19
      The doll artist Kasumi is famous for the beautiful boy figures she creates. A misanthrope who prefers to live only with her dolls, Kasumi treats her creations as if they were her lovers. But when she hires a young girl named Yuki as an assistant, her quiet and peaceful life begins to collapse. What is Yuki's intention?moreless
    • City of Illusion
      Episode 18
      In different parts of the city, buildings are seen turning into sand and crumbling away. Meanwhile, middle-aged businessman Yasuhiko goes to his office as usual, only to find himself in a strange space where he is given a very different kind of work.
    • The Moray Boat
      Episode 17
      Mayumi is a gas station worker who's living with Yaguchi. She turns out to be a Shinma that Miyu knows. When Mayumi accidentally kills Yaguchi's wife, she and Yaguchi flee with Miyu and Reiha on their tail.
    • Woman Priest
      Episode 16
      A woman priestess named Yu-Li has arrived in Tokyo while pursuing the Shinma that killed her family. During this, she ends up running afoul with Miyu.
    • 7.0
      A mermaid is in display at an aquarium and shares it's dreams with a boy who wants to return it to the sea. Unfortunately for him, the mermaid isn't as what it seems.
    • At Ryu's village, Miyu and Reiha engage Barrow with the help of Ryu and Nami. With Barrow defeated, Miyu heads onboard Garline's ghost ship to rescue Larva and defeat him and Lilith.
    • Tale of the Ocean's Light Pt. 1
      An old friend of Larva, the Shinma Garline, has arrived in Japan with Lilith and Barrow to take Larva back to the west. Meanwhile, Miyu and Reiha fight the Shinma Nami who has given refuge to the Shinma Ryu.
    • Soft Face
      Episode 11
      A Shinma disguised as a doctor gives a Yakuza hitman a new face. With what the Shinma did to him, it attracts Miyu and Reiha.
    • 7.5
    • Your Home
      Episode 9
      After hearing a woman scream, Miyu & Shiina sees a man jumping from his balcony. The next day the neighbours discuss the murder-suicide. A couple who lives in the same building decide to take care of the deceased couple's cat, Yusuke, who had been treated like a son.
    • The Red Shoes
      Episode 8
      Chisato and Miho are at a singing audition for the famous producer Takashi Kashiwabara. Miho gets the role and accepts after being persuaded by Chisato. Miho does not think she will be able to sing very well though, but as Kashiwabara gives her a pair of red shoes and tells her that they will help her sing, she goes for it.moreless
    • Fate
      Episode 7
      A boy and his sister are walking down the street as he starts hearing the thoughts of the pedestrians. It becomes too much to handle for the boy who has a nervous breakdown. His sister, wanting to save her brother, lifts the cement of the street with her mind and renders a particularly rude woman unconscious. They run away as civilians gather around the woman. Miyu later comes up to the girl, Kayo, who has been standing outside her school. Her brother pulls a knife on Miyu, but as he can’t read her thoughts he changes his mind. They walk away and he tells Miyu about their lives and what has led to their powers.moreless
    • 7.9
      Miyu takes a taxicab to the Saikawa Cemetery. He tells here about a ghost in the city. When turning around, Miyu has disappeared. The next morning, everyone seems to be talking about the ghost of Saikawa Cemetery, and they say it looked like Miyu.
    • A man is consumed by a shadowy Shinma after throwing away an old film. This film gets picked up by Professor Ohshima who shows the film to his students. After showing the film, he explains that he is the actor in it and that he fell in love with the main actress. His students decide to find a way to reunite the professor with his lost love.moreless
    • Reiha Has Come
      Episode 4
      Its the beginning of the Showa era. Miyu spends the night at a lonely inn deep in the mountains, where she meets a man traveling with his daughter. The same night, Reiha arrives at the inn in disguise. She is a snow woman who sees Miyu as her arch enemy. The next day, the father and daughter set foot into a mountain which is no one has returned from. Worried, Miyu goes after them with Reiha.moreless
    • The Forest Calls
      Episode 3
      A girl seeks help from Miyu - her brother has started to lose his mind lately. When investigating, Miyu finds the madness might be the cause of a Shinma within a strange mask owned by their father...
    • 7.4
      A girl is confronted by a man on the subway who offers to make her "beautiful". When the train later reaches a station, the girl is gone, but the passengers hear her cries from the tunnel. Miyu comes to another high school and finds some friends. They ride the subway and Miyu hears about how girls often disappeare from the last car in the subway. Miyu desides to take the train alone...moreless
    • 8.1
      A female student is found dead in the school premises, mysteriously having lost her blood. From the fang marks left on her neck, classmate Nobuo believes the killer to be a vampire, and suspects the girl who he witnessed fleeing the scene. To his surprise, the girl, Miyu, turns out to be the new transfer student and they become classmates. Soon after, another victim is murdered.moreless
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