Vampire Princess Miyu

A&E (ended 2006)





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  • My tis an interesting show confusing yet interesting...

    well is a good show to watch I personly favor Lava hes cool I don't get the bunny thing its eye is kinda creepy um but its all good Ive only seen a few episods tho lets see 1 2 3 and 22 23 24 25 26 and if you ask me I'd say that episod 22 is the most explanitory 1 2 3 are just Miyu fighting sinma wow exciting but it is still good I like fire ... it burns I also like Miyu's little outfit thing its cute I like the bow I don't know why I just like Bows weird I know ... Oh I also like the ending theme song the opening one is neat too with the intro and all I also really like the pictures in the opening kinda relaxed and calm ... wow I'm weird heheheheh funny ...
  • This is the story of Miyu, the Guardian, born of shinma blood. Her destiny is to track down and round up evil spirits. With her companions, Larva and the demon bunny Shiina, Miyu conjures her spiritual fire to cast the shinma back into hell.

    Into the darkness, shinma! Miyu, the vampire princess, serves the role as the Guardian – a sort of spiritual MP, rounding up rogue evil spirits and casting them back into hell. Miyu doesn't protect humanity – she could care less – her only concern is to punish the rogue shinma who haunt the world of men. She learns to care for people over time as she develops a friendship with three Japanese school girls; but as Miyu herself says: only tragedy come from contact between shinma and humans. Miyu has two primary companions, the reformed shinma Larva and the demon bunny Shiina. This review, I suspect, will sound rather critical of this series. So before I get too critical, I will say this: I enjoyed this series. Many of the elements were imaginative and the underlying subtext of hopelessness and the futility of existence is so unlike other animes I have seen. There are no happy endings, it is not darkest before the dawn…there is no dawn, ignorance is bliss and bliss is ignorance. This anime is very dark. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed quite a bit more than I otherwise would have. Also, the demon bunny is cute. As much as I enjoyed this series, there are a few things that stand out, although they don't overwhelm the aspects that struck a chord with me. First off, the whole series has a monster-of-the-week feel to it. While there is a plot that runs throughout, the plot becomes lost and disjointed at times. At the midpoint of the series, the plot tightened up and the successive episodes became more enmeshed. There isn't a lot of character development, which is too bad because I found myself asking questions that I would have liked answered. What little character development there was was in fact quite intriguing. The animation is fair, if unspectacular. I enjoyed the Japanese version with English subs more than the English voice over.
  • Was disapointed with the end of the series!

    Im not sure abou this series !! its abit simple !! but i like the story but ther are blank spots ! like who is larva ! i know he used to be a demon but hes jst popped out of nowhere, where was he from and wat was he bfor! i duno but i wanted all these questions answerd but they ended the series and i was like wat the hell and will they ever get together or r they not in love i duno!!! Ther doesnt seem 2 b any other episodes comin out ! so im not goin 2 b able 2 find the answers to my questions ! oh dear
  • It's okay...

    Well, it was mildly intersting. i started watching on episode 22 and according to my friend was much more informative then the very first episode. i have to say that i would definatly watch this show more then some animes. it had potentail and i think that it would not be a bad collection on my dvd shelf. i got one disc from big lots for $5.99 and i think it was well worth it. i think that if it needs anythibg that they A&E needs to replay the series for me to get an actual hold on what's going on.
  • The anime is very nicely done and I recommend watching them.

    Vampire Princess Miyu is a tale about a girl, who just happens to be a vampire (family thing and all), who hunts the Shinma that delight in human misery and death. The anime has a dark feel. The main character is not Miyu but a spirituralist named Himiko who is intriguied about Miyu and begins looking for her more. Miyu is forced to hunt the Shinma that was released from their sleep during Miyu's and her mother's efforts to keep her from taking her mother's place. To do so, she is given immortality in her child-like form.
  • Vampire Princess Miyu and her pertector larva are hunting evil shinma. All humans caugh between the Princess and Evil she sends into the darkness will end up sleeping forever with her kiss of death. Reiha a shinma who wants to be a guardian will end up be

    This show showes that even the good end up with the same fate as those with an evil heart. The shinma that are in these shows make it all wurth watching. The blood and death of any is like Vampire Wars killing any in the way of the mission athand.