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  • Korean vamps - who knew?

    This show is fantastic and conveniently on Netflix instant viewing. Don't be afraid to watch this if you're not a fan of vampires - this really is a crime drama masquerading as a vampire show. The supernatural doesn't intrude on the show in any meaningful way as the vampires in this show might as well just be extremely prolific serial killers who are really good at martial arts. You probably won't be too put off by it.

    Also, fans of Moonlight who didn't just watch that show because Alex O'Loughlin is the hottest man on the planet will thoroughly enjoy this show. The idea of this show is similar minus the overt romance between Beth and Mick. There's plenty of action and the team of misfits that make up Prosecutor Min's team is hilarious to watch. The show's writers have found a good balance between tragedy and humor. The acting is also pretty good, although Detective Hwang can be a bit over the top. The title may sound trite in English, but don't let that fool you. CSI fans might enjoy it too, although the focus is less on the forensics themselves and more on the investigating.