Encore Action (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Trust
      Episode 13
      Combined, the fleet of ships continues to destroy ship after ship of the harvest fleet. But the Main Mothership is another story, and even the combined Super Vandread is no match for it. With Hibiki captured by the leader of the Earth Harvest fleet, and the Dreads similarly restrained, all looks lost. But as the leader of the Harvest may find, it will take a lot more than a few wounds and losses to keep Hibiki and his friends down. With one last strike, Earth intends to end all resistance...and it may take the combined might of everyone with the will to live to stop the Harvest fleet once and for all.

    • Himegoto
      Episode 12
      With the Nirvana back on course, two very different cultures struggle in their attempt to unite against a common enemy.
    • Paradise
      Episode 11
      Having come through the minefield, the entire crew of the Nirvana is promptly captured by both Tarak and Mejale fleets. The men are to be forcefully "re-educated" for their desire to be with women, and the women are put on trial and imprisoned. With all seemingly lost, and the Harvest fleet on the way, the Nirvana and its crew are powerless to stop anything. But Hibiki, along with a few other key individuals, may be able to turn the tables and get the Nirvana back from its captors.

    • Easy Come, Easy Go
      Easy Come, Easy Go
      Episode 10
      The Nirvana has finally reached its home solar system, but the Harvest fleet's remaining mother ships are not far behind. Despite this, the crew decides to hold a party to celebrate their coming home - that is, until they encounter their last obstacle to their home planets - a Tarak mobile mine field that threatens to destroy them all! With no desire to break through the field because it might slow down the Harvest fleet behind them, the crew of the Nirvana is left to guess the password to call off the system before it destroys them. Unfortunately, only senior officers of Tarak know the password, and time is quickly running out - until the password comes from a most unexpected source...

    • Embrace All
      Embrace All
      Episode 9
      During a battle in a dense asteroid field, Hibiki is separated from his comrades and discovered by mysterious space dwellers.
    • Reality
      Episode 8
      Every single year, Meia dreads one day - her birthday, when the crew attempts to surprise her with a party. Meia has managed to run away every single year, but this year, Hibiki is here, and he decides to help out the women. Shaking up the plans the women use every year, Hibiki's scouting cuts off every possible escape route for Meia. But when Meia decides to go to Magno with her complaints, Hibiki and the others have to find the perfect thing to keep Meia busy until they can plan the party - even if it happens to be a certain newborn baby.

    • Please Kiss My Cheek
      Things have once again lulled, and the crew now can turn to more important things - such as using cameras to observe the continuing soap opera between Misty, Dita, and Hibiki - a battle that Misty appears to be winning with her knowledge about men and women. A depressed Dita's feelings are hurt, and a guilty Hibiki is left wondering what to do to cheer her up again. Meanwhile, Jura becomes tired of all the beating around the bush and is determined to resolve the rift between Dita and Hibiki once and for all...moreless
    • Original Smile
      Original Smile
      Episode 6
      The second attack on the Harvest mother ship has failed, although now Hibiki and the others have a ray of hope in the form of a way to penetrate the mother ship's defenses. Forming a plan around Parfait's limited ability to stop the machine-controlled Harvest fleet, Hibiki and the others launch one last, desperate attack on the mother ship, using Pyoro to upload a virus directly from the mother ship's core. Now the Vandreads must defend the little NAVI robot as he struggles to do his job - but the new enemy form is not far behind...

    • Somedays
      Episode 5
      Another Harvest fleet mother ship has come to attempt to attack the Nirvana, and the crew, this time, sets out confidently to destroy it using the same methods as before. However, a new form of enemy beats back the attack of the Dreads and Vandreads, and after Jura suffers serious injury, Gascogne is forced to pull rank and push for a retreat, towing an unwilling and furious Barnette from the battlefield. Jura's injury and condition cause Barnette and Hibiki to bristle and Gascogne's seemingly cold and calm attitude, and a heated argument ensues. Hibiki and Barnette find, however, the Gascogne knows much more about the pain of losing someone than anyone else, and that staying calm is the only way to win battles. And Gascogne is willing to teach everyone that lesson, at any cost...

    • Everything
      Episode 4
      The Nirvana comes upon another Mission, though the inhabitants are decidedly hostile and use a law of "take what you want by force" in order to survive. Hand to hand combat is the only way to prove the Nirvana crew's strength, and BC, as the highest ranking officer on the away team, chooses to fight in order to prove the Nirvana's good will. The enemy, however, isn't about to stop for a simple fight, and the Mission becomes infested by Harvest fleet units. With energy weapons useless against these new enemies, Barnette's antique gun selection using old fashioned "bullets" may be the only thing to keep the Mission from being harvested, although an old acquaintance may make an appearance as well...

    • Blossoming Path
      Blossoming Path
      Episode 3
      Bart's overpowering attachment to a terminally ill girl on a contaminated planet leads to the activation of one of the Nirvana's most devastating weapons.
    • Be My Baby
      Be My Baby
      Episode 2
      The girl they retrieved from the enemies was Misty Cornwell, 14 years old, who was cryonized for 63 years. Misty carries an encrypted message and BC is trying to decode it. Using Pyoro, BC inserts the device that carries the message. It turns out that it was has a virus that shuts up all power sources, leaving it completely defenseless to an enemy attempt to tow the Nirvana away to be harvested. Unfortunately for Dita, Hibiki, and Ezra, were locked in the elevator and Ezra is in labor. The Dreads were released using back-up power that Gasco's Register Sector saves for emergency purposes by exsercising to creat power, but can the defeat the enemy without the VanGuard.moreless
    • Red Angel
      Red Angel
      Episode 1
      A very vivid and horrifying nightmare about a red light that destroyed the Nirvana plagues not only Hibiki, but also Dita, Meia, and Jura as well. While they struggle to figure out the meaning of this strange dream, a mysterious pod appears which the Harvest fleet seems to have a vested interest in. Deciding to capture the pod, the Nirvana launches its pilots to retrieve it - but when the events of the nightmare repeat themselves, Hibiki and the others must do whatever they can to make sure that their nightmare doesn't turn into a realitymoreless
  • Season 1
  • Specials