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  • This is one of my Top 10 shows, definitely! Well done to the creators! And "Trust" unbelievable.

    Hibiki Tokai is a boy who lives on a planet called Tarak, a world where only men live. These men are waging a war against the women from Mejale. In an assault by the women, Hibiki the mechanic was caught in all of that, and he was taken to the women ship, Nirvana, as a prisoner, along with another two men, a doctor, Duero McFile, and a pilot, Bart Garsus, who became the only male members and prisoners of Nirvana. Since the women from Nirvana couldn't defend against the male assaults and the Earth forces, they asked for help from these men. Duero became the official doctor of the ship, Bart became the pilot, but Hibiki couldn't find his true purpose on the ship. There was a robot called Vanguard on the ship that was supposed to guard it, but without a pilot, it was useless. Hibiki was tasked to pilot the Vanguard, but he never did anything except mechanics on Tarak, so he wasn't skilled with controlling a Vanguard. But he faced his fears and went out with his robot to help the women. Dita Liebely, Meia Gisborn, and Jura Basil Elden are members of Nirvana, and they are pilots of Dreads, robots who fight in the space battles. All of these people have a special connection...a connection that can help them in their war against Earth...
    Vandread is one of the best animated shows ever made. It's got action, romance, sci-fi, comedy, and CGI animation. But the thing I love the most in the show is the song Trust, the 1st season opening. Fell in love with it the first time it hit my ears. And the thing I hate the most is that the show is so short, only 26 episodes in two seasons! Bring back Vandread!
  • This show is awesome, and funny!

    I first watched this show on DVD when I was down in Florida in 2006. After the first volume, I really liked it. Isn't it strange how men, and women would be living on 2 different worlds: Tarrak, and Mejeir. This show is about Hibiki Tokai, a young, selfish boy who lived on Tarrak. One day the Mejeirian army attacks Tarrak, and Hibiki, Bart, and Duello are captured aboard a Mejeirian ship. Just before being captured, Hibiki wakes up after an explosion, and finds hiself looking at a Mejeirian soldier. This soldier happens to be Dita, a young, crazy, bubbly girl who's trying to talk to Hibiki. Once the ship melds the one Tarrak, and Mejeir ship together, the ship becomes the Nirvana. Onboard the Nirvana Hibiki, and Dita have many funny moments. One of them is the one when Hibiki was going to the bathroom, and Dita was inside his stall wondering how men go to the bathroom. That part was hilarious! The dialog in this show is excellent. The battles are fun, and action-packed. Some of the stuff that the crew say is really funny. The humor in this show is good. Overall, excellent dialog, great music, and humor, lovable characters.
  • Idiotic!

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  • Men are from Taraak and women are from Majere. This could get interesting….

    There is no other way to describe this show but enjoyable. First, there are three men and about 30-40 women on one ship, the Nirvana. In this universe men and women do not live together or live on the same planet for that matter; oh they are also at war. So with that in mind much of the comedy is from how the two sexes start to mingle and accept on another. The character development is amazing; all of the characters, even the ship, go through so many changes that none of them are the same when this first season ends. The relationship between Hibiki and Dita is the primary focus of the series with a secondary focus on the Harvester Fleet. The entire crew of the ship is interested in the relationship between Hibiki and Dita, subconsciously hoping to see a true romance unfold in front of them. Visually the show is stunning. The space fights are well done with some amazing eye candy done with CG. The mechs used in this series are unique and to be honest awesome looking. Three Dreads(female fighters) and the Vangard(Hibiki/male fighter) can combine to create a more powerful fighter/weapon, the Vandread. As for the music/score, it encompasses many different types of music from rock, techno, and even some orchestral. Overall this is a very well balanced anime that I fully enjoyed. If you liked the Full Metal Panic series you will like this.
  • hibiki tokai is a boy who is trying to find is existence, however that isn't easy when you're on a ship filled with women and you have two other guys and a robot to comfort you.

    A good show all things considered with a great storyline to go along with it. The fact that men and women seperated and still found ways to reproduce was amazing in the context it was used for. I give vandread a 9 out of 10 for being a great show if you know what i mean.
  • Vandread is number one! I just need the five books about what happen because they did cut somethings out.

    Vandread is number one is my book because is funny, it has robots. the vangaurds are the males robots. The dread are the womens ship. If you don\\\'t know already. I was shocking to me about the background which it was intersing. I saw every episode. In most episodes it was information that will lead to furture episdoes. But in some they skip a few. So they put in manga books, they are five books, one is about how gasconu stole the enemy\\\'s ship and other showed how barnet and jura met for the first time. The one I realy want is when hibiki and dita live togeter in the new plant where in the second season when the war was over and hibiki was the president or someone with power that shares the welth to dita. That happen in the ending if there was other episode.
  • Highs: Action sequences; character interactions Lows: Little more than another Tenchi clone, even if it is a well done one

    Take Tenchi Muyo!, throw it in a blender with Star Trek Voyager and the game Genderwars and you basically have Vandread. We have our primary male character, the requisite gaggle of cute girls running around, entire ship thrown outside of known space and major animosity between the male and female characters at the beginning of the series. All in all not a terrible setup for an anime.

    So does the series fulfill its potential? Thankfully, the answer, for the most part, is yes. We get some character background for most characters, including a couple of eyebrow-raising looks at how the two planets live. Unfortunately not all of it makes sense, and certainly there are things left unexplained, plus the fact that the story is not wrapped up. Fortunately all of these are left to Vandread: Second Stage to fulfill. To ease minds the anime ends on a good breaking point.

    The show relies on a heavy action element and while it all looks good, it comes with a major caveat. Parts of the action are CG, and when I say CG I mean actual rendered models, not 2D animation assisted by computers. While this blends in rather well it is quite noticeable, and at least for me it disrupted the continuity of the series. Needless to say some people will really hate it; others won't mind. I would much rather have seen traditionally animated action, but it wasn't a huge deal for me.

    Vandread doesn't set the bar too high for itself but hits the mark on what it does set out to do. Not making political statements or comments about life, Vandread essentially wants out to keep you happy for a couple hours. At this it succeeds admirably.
  • In the future the people of earth devise a diabolical plan for continued existence. The curiosity of one girl and the search of one boy’s definition of self begin the downfall of the separation put forth by the people of earth between men and women.

    “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” I thoroughly enjoyed this series. The theme of how the big and small need each other to over come deadly obstacles is great. Dita and Parfait are focused intensely on the big. Dita’s search for UFO and aliens is fun if a bit over done. Parfait’s care for the Nirvana the medium for sustaining life is intense and she is willing to assimilate new ideas. Hibiki embarks to find himself. His grandfather states at the beginning of the series about one’s friends being a reflection of one’s self. Duero works on individuals internally one at a time and gains insight by looking outwardly with the help of Parfait. From the universal frame of reference the men represent the small ones. I had a hard time believing the men didn’t celebrate Christmas. In my train of though it seems men would be the species to entertain more holidays at least far more leisure time. If more men were found aboard the Ikazuchi a.k.a. the Nirvana they could have brought that out more fully. I thought the voice casting was perfect. I couldn’t imagine any of the characters with a different voice. I was a little disappointed that Dita and Hibiki didn’t kiss at the end of second stage. I highly recommend seeing both seasons of this series.
  • One of my top 5 Anime.

    The Show is great. Love the friction between Dita and Hibiki. Though I felt a little disappointed they didn't kiss on the final episode. Though the action and adventure was great. This is a very, very good show. I highly recommend it to anime lovers. Trust's awesome. / /
  • Vandread really shows a lot of potential.

    Vandread really shows a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the dramatic opening which pulled in until the very end, simply fades out at the end. It's unfortunate but that's a big problem with many shows on tv today. Great start to pull everyone in but botches it up at the end.
  • The creator of this anime must has been a fan of the book "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus".

    This show is based upon a premise of male and female separation where the male and female live on their own planets and have been at constant war with each other. In the first season, there is only minor characters development. But in the second season, the characters showed more depth and it has a has more detailed storyline.
  • Better sci fi series than star trek!

    I really enjoyed watching this part of Vandread, mostly due to the fact that it was just amazing. The plot was interesting, and the thought of how the men on their planet reproduced kinda made me feel sick, but, nevertheless, I really liked this show. The enemies were good, and never really became stale.
  • IS good Program..and is funny too

    uh good program, this anime is super funny and sexy too, I am seeing that program he does 2 weeks And I have liked very much .. Where I find my 2 favorites series's videoes?? Vandread and Stratos 4 .. contact me to :
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  • You know how there are high scores for each episode....

    Um, yeah, that would be me.

    The amazing combination of animation and CGI brings a series together.

    In this stunning show, the main character, Hibiki Tokai, a factory worker, takes a dare and goes to steal a high tech robot called a Vanguard. But he gets captured, along with two other men and a NAVI robot, by Women.
    Yeah, a little about that... The women and men have been separated for about one hundred years.
    Back to the story, Hibiki learns to pilot the Vanguard and, unintentionally, brings men and women together. But how the whole story ends, You'd better see "Vandread: Second Stage."
  • This is the story of Hibiki Tokai,a mechanic who sets out to steal a vanguard but gets caught and sentenced to be excuted

    Men and Women live on different planets. The men live on Tarak and the women live on Mejare. Hibiki is a mechanic who wants to show proof of his existance so he decides to steal a vanguard. He and two other men ended up in a pirateship full of women... at first the women treat the men as prisoners, but after a while they all seem to get along. There are these things called dreads in which the women use to battle enemies and the three major dread pilots Meia Gisborn, Dita Liebely, and Jura Basil Elden can all combine thier dreads with Hibiki's vanguard and together the just might be able to survive in a world where planet Earth wants to harvest them.
  • Bring it Back, just when i got totally into it the show just stopped in its' prime:(

    This is an awsome women vs. men show with all the little inuendos that make it so completely awsome. The idea of women and men living in their own worlds isn't really original but it is originally cool in the make our ideas come to life way. It shows the need for the coexistance of both sexes and how badly the Earth may evolve and the point to which the Earth humans could go survive by taking the lives of so many more, and the concept of egotistical false superiority without morality. It also deals with humans' need for power and corruptibility, but on the flip side it shows how hopefully sincere people can be(dita) and how human will can go far to achieve all things. Plus, the doctor guy is totally hott in the fictional anime sort of way.

    And it will come to a full circle...the end shall be as it was in the beginning...

    Earth started with men and women and mijair and tarack *excuse the bad spelling* come full circle back to co-existance as the best way of life

    I so wish this show would continue.