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  • This is one of my Top 10 shows, definitely! Well done to the creators! And "Trust" unbelievable.

    Hibiki Tokai is a boy who lives on a planet called Tarak, a world where only men live. These men are waging a war against the women from Mejale. In an assault by the women, Hibiki the mechanic was caught in all of that, and he was taken to the women ship, Nirvana, as a prisoner, along with another two men, a doctor, Duero McFile, and a pilot, Bart Garsus, who became the only male members and prisoners of Nirvana. Since the women from Nirvana couldn't defend against the male assaults and the Earth forces, they asked for help from these men. Duero became the official doctor of the ship, Bart became the pilot, but Hibiki couldn't find his true purpose on the ship. There was a robot called Vanguard on the ship that was supposed to guard it, but without a pilot, it was useless. Hibiki was tasked to pilot the Vanguard, but he never did anything except mechanics on Tarak, so he wasn't skilled with controlling a Vanguard. But he faced his fears and went out with his robot to help the women. Dita Liebely, Meia Gisborn, and Jura Basil Elden are members of Nirvana, and they are pilots of Dreads, robots who fight in the space battles. All of these people have a special connection...a connection that can help them in their war against Earth...
    Vandread is one of the best animated shows ever made. It's got action, romance, sci-fi, comedy, and CGI animation. But the thing I love the most in the show is the song Trust, the 1st season opening. Fell in love with it the first time it hit my ears. And the thing I hate the most is that the show is so short, only 26 episodes in two seasons! Bring back Vandread!
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