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  • Men are from Taraak and women are from Majere. This could get interesting….

    There is no other way to describe this show but enjoyable. First, there are three men and about 30-40 women on one ship, the Nirvana. In this universe men and women do not live together or live on the same planet for that matter; oh they are also at war. So with that in mind much of the comedy is from how the two sexes start to mingle and accept on another. The character development is amazing; all of the characters, even the ship, go through so many changes that none of them are the same when this first season ends. The relationship between Hibiki and Dita is the primary focus of the series with a secondary focus on the Harvester Fleet. The entire crew of the ship is interested in the relationship between Hibiki and Dita, subconsciously hoping to see a true romance unfold in front of them. Visually the show is stunning. The space fights are well done with some amazing eye candy done with CG. The mechs used in this series are unique and to be honest awesome looking. Three Dreads(female fighters) and the Vangard(Hibiki/male fighter) can combine to create a more powerful fighter/weapon, the Vandread. As for the music/score, it encompasses many different types of music from rock, techno, and even some orchestral. Overall this is a very well balanced anime that I fully enjoyed. If you liked the Full Metal Panic series you will like this.