Encore Action (ended 2001)





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  • This show is awesome, and funny!

    I first watched this show on DVD when I was down in Florida in 2006. After the first volume, I really liked it. Isn't it strange how men, and women would be living on 2 different worlds: Tarrak, and Mejeir. This show is about Hibiki Tokai, a young, selfish boy who lived on Tarrak. One day the Mejeirian army attacks Tarrak, and Hibiki, Bart, and Duello are captured aboard a Mejeirian ship. Just before being captured, Hibiki wakes up after an explosion, and finds hiself looking at a Mejeirian soldier. This soldier happens to be Dita, a young, crazy, bubbly girl who's trying to talk to Hibiki. Once the ship melds the one Tarrak, and Mejeir ship together, the ship becomes the Nirvana. Onboard the Nirvana Hibiki, and Dita have many funny moments. One of them is the one when Hibiki was going to the bathroom, and Dita was inside his stall wondering how men go to the bathroom. That part was hilarious! The dialog in this show is excellent. The battles are fun, and action-packed. Some of the stuff that the crew say is really funny. The humor in this show is good. Overall, excellent dialog, great music, and humor, lovable characters.