Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Dec 28, 2001 on Encore Action
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Combined, the fleet of ships continues to destroy ship after ship of the harvest fleet. But the Main Mothership is another story, and even the combined Super Vandread is no match for it. With Hibiki captured by the leader of the Earth Harvest fleet, and the Dreads similarly restrained, all looks lost. But as the leader of the Harvest may find, it will take a lot more than a few wounds and losses to keep Hibiki and his friends down. With one last strike, Earth intends to end all resistance...and it may take the combined might of everyone with the will to live to stop the Harvest fleet once and for all.


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  • OK, here is my review of this series.

    I do like the action in it, but the character acting and personality is terrible. Earth is the main enemy just because Earthlings further evolve technology and cause some of the Earthlings to move out of it which have the men from Taraak and the women from Mejere to be separated and fight each other. Misty does not get respected by the female Nirvana crew just because she's different from them and the only ones who respect her are Dita, Meia, and Ezra. And the whole series ended when they show the two planets being close together and than words appear at the end of the credits saying "Never End" which I have no idea what that means. They have a novel of what happen after the battle that is only in a novel and did not bother to make an anime OVA out of it just for the fans to see it. I found out that the manga is quite good and I enjoy it. I am planning to write novels of the manga to make it good and awesome. It will have Hibiki and Dita as the main characters, and some of the few characters who will be in it, and new characters I made up. It will be so special that it might turn into an anime series and it will be called "Vandread Cosmic". It will be the best anime that you will ever see. What do you think about that?moreless
  • A beautiful final with the realization of all of the character relationships and the end of the harvest fleet. (possible spoilers)

    The finale of this season was awesome! The space battles were great as always, but this time around the battle was huge! I mean it is on the scale of Star Wars huge. I finally came to the realization of what the dread pilots are to Hibiki; first is Dita, obviously it is love and a pure love at that, second is Mia, she has become a sister to Hibiki and in turn he has become a brother to her, lastly is Jura, well if anything I would have to say that they are friends through and through. In this battle we see how Hibiki or even better the men in general have changed along with the women. BC goes so far as saying the crew has changed and in my opinion it is because they are no longer incomplete. The crew is now drawing on the strengths of both women and men and they are all the more powerful for it. At the very end we see the solidification of Dita and Hibiki as a couple. All in all this was an amazing episode that beautifully brought this season to a close. At the same time it left a perfect starting point for a third season. What the greater enemy will be this time I don't know but maybe they should concentrate on the source of the harvesters. Anyways this was perfectly done watch it! Remember though you need to see the series first!moreless

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    • Dita: Right now Mr.Alien is deperately trying to save everyone. So... Dita's going to protect Mr.Alien! Because Dita loves Mr.Alien! That's why... that's why Dita is going to protect Hibiki!!

    • Earthling: Come, Come now open your heart.
      Dita: No!
      Earthling: Hun?
      Dita: There's never been some one who treasured people feelings more than I do.I Gladly give away my body to the ones I love. But I only go that far for how I feel about them. There's a world of difference between that and having someone like you just take it away!

    • Jura: Dita that was magneficint,Now you listen here you will never have what it takes to open someones heart.

    • Dita: I finally get it now. I'm stupid and the rest of the world is so complicated! But when it comes to you mister Alien I understand perfectly. You're out here risking your life to protect all these people and that's why I'm going to protect you mister Alien! Because I love you mister Alien I'll do anything to protect you HIBIKI!
      Hibiki: Don't do it DITA!

  • NOTES (1)

    • There are rumors that in Japan there is a third stage to Vandread, and it has Tylor Tokai the daughter of Hibiki and Dita in it.


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