Season 1 Episode 6

Black Box

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on FOX

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    the only thing wrong with this episode was that Quong deicded not to talk and instead of bringing Jack Bauer in the FBI just decided to let her go to where she needed to be. Pfft. Okay, being serious now I really like the back stoires that connect what is going on today, they really add a layer of mystery to the show to show us just how long this could have been going on. I thought that the FBI tracking the feed was another interesting part of the episode, finnaly finding the place that Sara was being held at only to run into yet another dead end left by her kidnappers. I thought that the reporter stroyline got a little boring for the first time in a while, with Judy getting one uped in this epsiode by a fisherman who told a lie. I think the storyline will get better, but at the moment its nothing important. I think this episode was good, though the show is slowing down a little coming down the home stretch with all of the mysteries when it should be picking up. Maybe they had too many connections in the early going.
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  • Nobody talks, and they should

    Max knows who Quinn Keller is? So why not say anything? Margie knows about Sarah/Nicky\'s child, but does not talk.
    Nicky/Sarahs parents have this child and don\'t talk. Why, I tell you Why!!! Don\'t they want their daughter back, are they blackmailed or what. This is nerve-wracking for sure. This plot is getting more and more complicated by the minute, don\'t know if i can take anymore people! If this goes on it will get to complicated for me, and maybe not so much fun to watch. If only we get one hint or solution the next episode, we have got something to go by. Now it seems like everone is in on this kidnapping.
  • Really starting to lose it's steam

    I'm really starting to lose interestin this show. I will continue to watch but I mean it's just draging and I don't know how long I could take it anymore. It's also starting to get real boring. So please do something this week because I don't know how much more I can take this plot.
  • The case reaches a standstill as Graham tries to find a trace to the feed where Sara was last seen.

    An interesting start. Judy Nash gets lopsided by another reporter who interviews a witness saying that Nicky Johnson (aka Sara) is dead. However, a mysterious old man with glasses kills the eyewitness (apparently they had a payoff which means the eyewitness was lying about Nicky.

    Graham gets tough with the woman named “Quinn”. She refuses to talk , however, saying she’s dead if she talks. Judy clashes with her bosses over her coverage of Sara. Graham talks to his FBI computer guru but finds no direct leads. Graham comes with a plan to use Quinn’s labtop to rebroadcast the feed signal so they can trace it. He also learns that Marcy and Judge Rainer had an affair. He figures out like the rest of have that this kidnapping is politically motivated. A scandal like this would ruin the judge career. Marcy talks to her Dad and almost blurts out the dirty secret but neglects not to.

    More interesting relevations are given including the fact that Max (Senator Collin’s son) knew Quinn. Also the revelation that Sara had another kid and no it's not the Senator's. Graham finds a trace signal that may show Sara’s location but it turns out to be a dead end. Graham's team regroup and find another signal. They break into a house in the moutains, and they find a pool of blood but no Sarah.

    It was an ok episode. As we've seen in the last few episodes, the bodies are startimg to pile up for anybody wishing to break the case. This Quinn person like the other
    conspirators did what she was hired to do which is get close to the Collins family. Speaking of which the next episode looks big. Will the Senator give in to the kidnappers and give his vote to this corrupt judge? Whose blood is in that room Graham found? Will we see Sara alive
    again? Looks interesting. I'am sure we'll see more casaulties to come but the question is who.